RealNetworks Could be Key to Media Center DVD Streaming

A few weeks back RealNetworks
unveiled RealDVD
, a $30 program designed to legally allow ripping
DVDs.  The legal part might be a bit of a
stretch seeing as Real
has sued the CCA and the MPAA has sued Real back
.  While press about the idea of paying to rip
your DVDs while keeping them protected has been unanimously poor, people need
to keep an open mind about this when it comes to Media Center and other commercial

Several years ago I posted about the idea of enabling
streaming DVDs using Microsoft’s WMDRM to protect the DVDs
.  The concept is the exact same with
RealDVD.  If RealNetworks can win their
suit against the MPAA and CCA, the door is even more wide open for Microsoft to
do exactly the same and rip DVDs wrapped in their DRM (maybe part of what this
patent is about
).  This could enable
streaming to any device including Media Center Extenders and (possibility) Zunes,
or maybe not as Microsoft has a hard time finding a good
business case to do any of the work for such features
.  Even if Microsoft doesn’t jump on, I’ve heard that Real is also interested in developing a Media Center plug-in for RealDVD which could be interesting if they do it right (not sure Real could do that).

Another interesting bit involving ripping of disc, AACS has
still not hit their final version which was expected over the summer.  Still no word if the final version, whenever
finished, will
include support for Managed Copy

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