Update: Ricavision Misses SideShow Remote Ship Date, Again

sure has been a long wait to get a SideShow enabled remote control.  The
once cool feature of Windows Vista was going to allow inexpensive devices with
external displays to grab content from the PC and control it remotely. 
This technology still has a lot of potential, but considering we are just a few
weeks away from at least a pre-beta of Windows 7, it looks like SideShow for
Vista has basically been a flop.

is especially
evident with Ricavision’s SideShow remote
which still hasn’t shipped even
after a nearly two year delay.  They have just missing their Summer 2008
ship date that was just way at the first of the year.  I’m hoping at this
point Ricavision is waiting
for Microsoft to finish their Media Center SideShow Gadgets
, but it sure
would be nice to get some good two-way SideShow devices on the market.

Update: CE Pro is reporting that Ricavision
is now out of business.

3 thoughts on “Update: Ricavision Misses SideShow Remote Ship Date, Again

  1. I think microsoft should make consumer products or have solid partnerships for the new tools that have been created, one reason for me to upgrade to vista (media center) was sideshow

  2. Vista, in its entirety, has been a flop. You can argue whether said flopping is based in reality or perception, but the bottom line is, its adoption rate is on the slow side, and there is a generally negative attitude toward it. Given Microsoft’s bumbling with regards to Media Center, the presence of a similar posture towards Side Show is not at all surprising.

    No Side Show enabled remote can save Media Center. It will take something far more drastic. Issues related to the lack of HD television content and missing support for ripped DVDs must be addressed. Everything else is just “rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic”.

  3. I forkd over $250 this past summer and got the Vave 100. I have been emailing them with no responses, now I know why. I never had any problems with it and everything worked well and looked good. It’s a shame that they are gone because the remote really works well, as a media center remote and a universal, allowing me to setup every TV, DVD, and cable box in my house on the remote.

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