Microsoft Releases Media Center SideShow Gadgets

Microsoft has officially
released their Media Center SideShow Gadgets
for public download.  The Gadgets, previously
in beta
, allow you to use a SideShow device to browse the EPG, schedule
recordings, start playback of content (TV, music, videos, pictures) and more.

I’ve yet to test it, but the only thing Microsoft didn’t specifically
mention was Extender support which I hope is still present.  Of course, testing the Gadgets is pretty hard
to do given the lack of SideShow devices. 
Ricavision had promise, until
they went out of business
is now dead
).  Other than that, the
built-in SideShow display on the Dell XPS 420 and then Windows Mobile are
pretty much the only options.

One day SideShow will actually be worth the wait.

9 thoughts on “Microsoft Releases Media Center SideShow Gadgets

  1. Its sad to hear that about Ricavision. Although, their website is still in operation all of their telephone lines have been disconnected. Does anyone know if anyone has acquired the assets & engineering talent of the company? In my mind, it could be an interesting buy opportunity for Microsoft. Not only to strengthen Microsoft’s peripheral division but also for XBox and Zune.

  2. Well, installed on my XPS420 w/2cablecard tuners and have made two recordings by programming with the mini-view. Also played one song with the miniview. So far, so good.

  3. I don’t understand why Microsoft hasn’t released any SideShow devices. If they wait on the market, we’ll never see anything beyond the Dell. Why not make a new SideShow-enabled keyboard? Even better if it’s a new MCE keyboard!!!

  4. I am running the SideShow gadgets on my Verizon 6700 Windows Mobile 5 PC using Blue tooth. I am controling my Vista Ultimate PC watching (recording) OTA HDTV (Saturday Night Live, SNL, Chicago, 1051 WMAQ)and typing a myspace blog on my phone while connected to EVDO network. this stuff rocks. people that do not GET or KNOW that you can run this already on Windows Mobile 5 and 6 really need to get it together… VERY, VERY and VERY COOL. UI needs some work. They should implement that Zune Cube UI paradigm and graphic properties. BUt the plumbing and framework to work this is GREAT! Just needs some skins and away ya go….

    Ray Casey

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