Vista SP2 Doesn’t Support Blu-ray Playback

Due to a poorly worded article over at CNET I’ve seen a few
dozen people getting excited about Vista SP2 bringing “support
for Blu-ray drives,”
but everyone should take a quick step back and realize
Vista SP2 will add “support
for burning Blu-ray data discs”
but nothing involving Blu-ray Disc movie

So far Vista SP2 is basically a collection of previously
planned “Feature Packs” including the Storage
Feature Pack
(where Blu-ray burning comes from), and the Wireless Feature Pack.  My guess is that Microsoft is worried the
press behind Windows 7 is going to kick Vista sales to the curb so they want to
make sure they are keeping it current.

3 thoughts on “Vista SP2 Doesn’t Support Blu-ray Playback

  1. Gosh, I wonder why so many people always talk about MS in a negative way, I just can’t figure it out…..

    P.S. Didn’t they learn from the Google mess yet? Re-active V.S. proactive

  2. Sorry to sound stupid, but if I bought a Blu-ray drive tomorrow, what would I need to do to be able to watch blu-ray discs?

  3. Your blu-ray drive would probably come with an OEM player that will support blu-ray (with possible limitations such as stereo vs multichannel sound). Or you can purchase software to play Blu-Ray, such as PowerDVD, TotalMedia etc.

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