Review: Vidabox Premium Wireless Keyboard with Laser Trackball

about a year ago I reviewed Vidabox’s Premium Wireless Keyboard with Optical
and came to a pretty simple conclusion; great inexpensive
wireless keyboard that didn’t have a Green Button for Media Center use.  The fact that it didn’t include a Green
Button came as a downer to me as it is the central way to navigate the Media
Center experience. The lack of a Green Button has been on Vidabox’s radar and
they recently released
a newer model using a laser trackball

The Vidabox Premium Wireless HTPC Media Center Keyboard with
Laser Trackball includes a 2000dpi laser trackball, a Green Button hotkey at
the top of the keyboard, improved battery life (6+ months), and redesigned
internals to help with better reception via RF. 
Throughout my testing I found that the quoted 30-foot wireless range
held up pretty well without any major drops that can become frustrating.

Back when I reviewed the optical version my big complaints
where the lack of a Green Button and a trackball that moved with the slightest
touch (kills batteries over the long haul and puts a mouse pointer on your
screen).  Both of these issues have been
fixed with the laser trackball version and it is still a solid keyboard that I
would recommend highly.


Included in the box:

Premium Wireless Keyboard with Optical Trackball

Three AA batteries

USB Receiver


Inexpensive ($69.99)

Designed for your lap

Laser Trackball/Mouse works very well


Control takes getting use to

Photos (Click for
larger view)

2 thoughts on “Review: Vidabox Premium Wireless Keyboard with Laser Trackball

  1. To thank everyone for taking the time to read the post, here is a coupon code that you can use for 10% off on the keyboard at the time of checkout: “chrislanier” (without the quotes)


  2. I really like the look of this keyboard for my HTPC but it is very expensive to have it shipped to the UK.

    Arte you still using it & would you still recommend it?

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