HP Cutting MediaSmart TV Lineup; Exits LCD TV Business

CED is reporting that HP is ending their run in the LCD TV
business and killing off their MediaSmart HDTV lineup.  I can’t confirm the report myself, but if
true this puts another dent in Microsoft’s vision to have Extender technology
built into HDTVs.  Their focus is now
said to be their MediaSmart Receiver which
I reviewed earlier this year
.    Watch for deals, word is the current displays
will be getting a price cut at Costco stores.

In related news, Samsung has shipped their MediaLive
which only works with Samsung Series 4 and up displays and you can
still get Linksys Extenders for cheap at Newegg
and Amazon
(thanks Harry!).

4 thoughts on “HP Cutting MediaSmart TV Lineup; Exits LCD TV Business

  1. This is a surprise? MediaSmart TVs disappeared off the HP Shopping website months ago. What had been in my local Costco (Northern NJ) disappeared about 2 months ago.

  2. I had one of these, and even though the extender worked well, the TV was terrible. Lousy contract and blotchy blacks. I took it back, but only because of the poor LCD performance.

    Too bad, it was a good idea that worked.

  3. This doesn’t bother me much as I prefer to select my display/tv separately. In no way do I think this is a negative reflection on the Extender platform. However, Microsoft needs to be wary of what most of these OEMs are doing by bundling in dual media streaming platforms in their settop boxes.

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