Short Bits: Windows 7

So the big question in my e-mail Inbox is where have I been
hiding.  The answer is that I’ve been
crazy busy with school and work, so blogging had to go for a bit.  That doesn’t mean it is over, so let’s start
it up again.

The biggest news that I missed covering was the big Windows
7 unveiling at WinHEC.  Charlie
Owen write a great blog post going over some of the new looks and features
and I hear there is more to come in later builds.  Of course, the focus of some posts about
Media Center in Windows 7 is the UI changes. 
The UI has never been the problem with Media Center.  Some will like the changes and some will not,
but at the end of the day Microsoft’s failure to execute is the real issue.

Having said that there is a lot of goods stuff in Windows 7
including a signed driver for
the DIRECTV Tuner
(you didn’t think it was dead, did you?), MPEG-4 support
(H.264, MPEG-4 ASP), and much more.  You
might even have a chance to beta
test it or other Media Center products

More coverage on We Got Served,
GeekTonic, Missing
, and Ian

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