Upcoming Windows 7 Media Center Feature: Broadband TV Services

By now you have most likely seen what some
of the new features of Media Center in Windows 7
are, but don’t think it
stops there.  In this series I will go
over some of the upcoming features of Media Center in Windows 7.  These features should start appearing in
later builds, although some of them will be limited to specific testers.

I’ve been saying for some time now that Media Center needs
to get serious about Internet and Web TV. 
Microsoft will be taking another step toward this in Windows 7 by
integrating online services in the standard EPG (Guide).  Below is a screenshot of the type of
integration you can expect.  Wouldn’t it
be sweet to get Hulu in here?


11 thoughts on “Upcoming Windows 7 Media Center Feature: Broadband TV Services

  1. Are Vista CableCard users left out in the cold with Windows 7? Will Microsoft provide an upgrade path for Vista CableCard users so that they can experience these new features? 😐

    I hope so.

  2. Hopefully the picture quality will be better than the current internet TV offering. It’s currently not appealing for anyone who normally watched HD content.

  3. Any word on Media Center Extenders for Windows 7? I know its a bit soon but.. will Windows 7 support Vista extenders? I was thinking about buying a few Linksys extenders but don’t want to waste the money if Windows 7 is going to blow them away.

  4. Just got in the alpha of boxee.tv, I wish media center had half the features boxee has..

    if boxee had recoring/guide options it would be my default media center even in this phase

  5. It’s been said in a few locations, current (V2) extenders that work with Vista will work with Windows 7.

    I don’t see Microsoft making the same mistake they made with v1 extenders..

  6. When I read this I thought it meant that VMC was going to come out with a tuner for UVERSE. How sweet would that of been.

  7. The screenshot looks promising, although I’m guessing that MSFT will just port the same Internet TV content into the guide without adding much.

    A nice change, nonetheless, provided it doesn’t interfere with browsing my physical channels in the guide.

  8. Why are they able to use the network logos in the internet TV feature but not next to the actual TV channels in the EPG? As far as the internet TV feature — seems like it’s nothing new but it looks great in its new package!

    So… when are they adding native DirecTV?

  9. You must have a version higher than 6801. Can you disclose any other insider information? UI changes? Is it feature complete?

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