Can DISH Network One-Up DIRECTV?

Now that we are fairly certain that DIRECTV
will not ship with Windows 7
, the big question remains to be will DISH
Network?  Around the time the TV Pack
started beta testing, I did
hear that some testers had been contacted about testing DISH Network Tuners
and that talk has popped back up in the past few weeks.

Going under my theory that Microsoft has all the plumbing
in-place for DIRECTV support, there is no reason that same framework can’t work
for DISH Network.  If DISH Network wants
to make a Media Center tuner, they can using this framework, and they might have already.

Looking around, their are some other hints about the possible DISH Network Tuner.  Ben’s photos of the eHome Lab show Windows 7
running with a branded Start Menu saying “TV with DISH Network.”  In addition to that, several people, including
Dave Zatz
have brought up the possibility that the unmarked white box in the photo below is a DISH Network tuner. 
Of course, the tuner being in Microsoft’s Lab means nothing as Microsoft as
evidenced by the suspended DIRECTV HDPC-20 tuners also present.

(Photos via Engadget

Back to the framework which I believe is complete to ship
with Windows 7, here is something Microsoft showed at WinHEC.  That is premium Pay-Per-View TV being ordered via Media
Center.  We know that’s not from
a CableCARD as tru2way tuners don’t have any specs from CableLabs yet.  It chould be DIRECTV, but considering that Channel
510 happens to fall in the range of DISH Networks PPV
and most PPV content
on DISH Network happens to be $4.99, there is a good possibility you are looking
at working PPV via a native DISH Network Tuner.


So, should you jump and switch to DISH Network because of
this?  I wouldn’t suggest it.  Should you keep checking back to see when we
get more details?  I’d suggest it.  I’m a DIRECTV customer, so even if this DISH
Network tuner is real I likely wouldn’t be testing it.  That said, I’m looking forward to see what
happen with this.  Given DISH Networks TurboHD package for
has every channel I’d ever watch, and the fact I can get ATSC HD
using an antenna in Media Center saving me from having to add HD Locals to the
package, DISH Network does look like a good deal if I could get a native Media
Center tuner.

12 thoughts on “Can DISH Network One-Up DIRECTV?

  1. I’m already a DISH Network subscriber, and if this product makes it to market. I’m all over that. (I’d even beta test it too if I could.) I’ve been wanting a satellite tuner for Media Center for ages.

  2. The PPV item is clearly from a service that does NOT support two-way comms, otherwise there’d be no need to call support.

    With the standard providers (Comcast/TimeWarner/DirecTV) if for any reason you are unable to order via your set-top box you can call customer support and they will flag your box/card as being allowed to watch the event.

  3. That is true that the photo does not require 2-way to order a PPV (order is over the phone in the example), but I know that it is not cable.

  4. I’m having Dish installed today after 7+ years with D*. I’m getting 2 DVR’s and HD (I didn’t have either with D*) and I’ll be saving $20 a month.

  5. THe little 029 error code in the top right corner of the message is the dead give away that this is Dish Network.

  6. LASooner:

    Thanks. I had reseached this last night and found nothing, but remembered today that I might want to search for Ecgostar and not just Dish Network.

    Attention 029

    This message appears if the event being ordered with the remote is not available to purchase via impulse PPV.

    This cannot be prevented when attempting to order an event that is not available for purchase through the remote control.

  7. ohhhh, TurboHD, that will make me forget about the Directv tuner. Bring it on, at lest someone should get my money besides Comcrap.

    $24.99 a month ? Less than 1/2 of what I am paying now…

    Bring on the tuners !!!!!

  8. Anytime these companies want to get off their duff and produce the hardware I am in. Its the only thing I am waiting on actually.


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