Linksys: “No Plans for Models to Replace” DMA2100/DMA2200

Silly me, I figured the fire sale on Linksys
DMA2100 and DMA2200 Extenders
over the past two months might indicate them
getting ready to drop a new hardware revision on us, but sadly that doesn’t
appear to be the case.  Consumer Electronics
Daily is reporting that Cisco (eg. Linksys) “has no immediate plans” to replace
the two Extender SKUs.  Cisco did note
that a firmware update would likely be the next step.  When that update drops or what is included
remains to be seen.

The DMA2100 has sold for a low of $59 at a few week ago.  The average
price now is about $125, which is nothing to turn up your nose at (unless they
drop to $59 again).  Isn’t it amazing how
the drop to a reasonable price seems to get more people on board with Extenders (hint,
)?  How many of you purcahsed an
Extender because of the recent sales?

What issues does Linksys need to focus
on for their (hopefully) upcoming firmware update?

18 thoughts on “Linksys: “No Plans for Models to Replace” DMA2100/DMA2200

  1. I’d like to be able to play 264 files over 1.5 gb reliably. Chris could you give some specifics on the 264 file you used in your 2200 review?

  2. I would like some sort of very public pledge to not screw people when windows 7 comes out the way they did with vista MCE and extenders :p.

  3. It is hard to charge around $200 for these when the alternative is an Xbox360 can now be had for under $200 – assuming you can stand the noise of the Xbox.

  4. I was one of the recent ‘converts’ on the Extender fire sales. DMA-2200 w/ combo bonus for $130. It works fairly well, but is definitely underpowered CPU-wise. I think the BIGGEST thing that Linksys needs to work on is codec support. Divx (and MKV) support are desperately needed.

  5. I got a email from Cisco CBG that I could do an interview at CES but there would be no Media Center announcements so I figured there is no new unit on the horizon.

  6. XVID with AC3 support.

    I currently connect my DMAs with the digital and regular analog audio so I can switch the audio when I encounter an XVID file with AC3 audio.

    MKV support would also be nice

  7. I have to say that the $90 Amazon price did get me to buy a second DMA-2100. I’ve got two X-Box 360’s now and two DMA-2100’s where the noise would be a problem.

    If there is anything key to focus on with a new firmware update, I’d hope it’s the horrible startup/shutdown times. I’m also hoping that this becomes compatible with Windows 7. I’ll be both surprised and highly disappointed if it’s not.

  8. All good comments. I have to say improving startup/shutdown times and Windows 7 compatibility tops my list. Thereafter its all about video/audio codec support.

  9. Full codec support including AC3 support.

    A boot up screen that atleast says starting. The flashing blue light isn’t enough.

    This extender is and always has been a $100.00 item.

  10. I picked up a DMA2200 at Newegg a few weeks back when thay had a combo deal ($130 for DMA2200 and a hard disk drive).

    The DMA2200 is not bad when animations are turned off. The DMA2200 replaced an old P3 MCE2004 computer on a bedroom SDTV and the UI experience with the DMA2200 is about the same as the MCE2004 P3 computer. Good part is that sharing Recorded TV to the extender is much simpler than getting Recorded TV to another MCE computer. The only bad part is that the older MCE2004 computer was able to play DV-AVI home movie files and DVDs (off the WHS), where the DMA2200 can’t, so I now have to figure out how to convert 2TB of DV-AVI files to a format the DMA2200 can read (not sure though what to do about the 40 or so home movie DVDs that are in VIDEO_TS folders on WHS).

    In any case, I totally agree that this price point (~$100) is where extenders must be in order to have any market penetration.

  11. Linksys should consider allowing access to VIDEO_TS under Windows 7.

    Windows 7 now natively supports a VIDEO_TS Movie Library (unlike Vista which requred a hack to enable ‘DVD Gallery’), so if MS can allow it on the O/S version of the Media Center….then why not on the extender?

  12. I already had one DMA2100 but picked up two more when Dell had them for $59.99. At that price it was too good to pass up. The firmware won’t fix this but I wish I could access my XPMC content from the VMC.

  13. The DMA2x00 needs to stream H.264 Live TV. Windows 7 will support this and the XBOX360 plays these streams. Is there any clues on when they are doing a firmware update?

  14. Mkv support is a MUST, as well as more flexiability with AC3 across the codec ranges. Smoother playback also needs working on, even thought mine is hardwired with max bandwidth I can still get glitching when the screen pans across a scene. It is a seriously good piece of kit, it just needs a much better firmare. AC3 and divx/xvid is paramount, ensuring Ac3 is outputted correctly to a AV system.

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