Embedded Automation Updates mPanel, Adds RadioRA Support

Embedded Automation keeps adding significant value to their
mControl home automation software.  Just
this month just have added support for Lutron RadioRA
and HACS AB8SS Speaker Switch Box
, released a new mControl
driver for remote control of their mPanel in-wall touchscreen
, updated
their mPanel Software
which includes new digital media and digital control
capabilities, and showed mPanel
running other HA software applications

RadioRA is a big addition to mControl and might represent
things to come for Embedded Automation. 
Up until now mControl has mainly been limited to control of lower end
lighting control systems.  These systems
(Z-Wave, INSTEON, X-10) are fine for the DIYer, but RadioRA joins CentraLite, LiteTouch,
and UPB which were released a few months ago on the big higher end side of

Anyone using mControl with a higher end lighting control
system?  Is there an additional platform
you would like to see Embedded Automation support?

2 thoughts on “Embedded Automation Updates mPanel, Adds RadioRA Support

  1. X10 a low end system…not quite, i am controlling my lighting, window shades and drapes, room themes, security, sprinkler system etc. This is a very cost effective centralized system that is configured using a PC application and downloads timers and macros into a pc-less interface. it would be nice if embedded automation took full advantage of the x10 feature set. Because of the limitations of the m control implementation of the X10 interfaces, i am no longer using the MControl solution, which is unfortunate

  2. X-10 is great and you can do a lot with it. I have a lot of X-10 modules. Considering I paid max of $10 per module it is hard to classify it as anything but low end. Low end doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work, but in most installs (especially larger) you just can’t compare X-10 to LiteTouch, RadioRA, Crestron, Lutron, etc.

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