Microsoft Skips Media Center at CES Keynote

Windows Media Center was talked about in the CES keynote,
but despite the several mentions of bringing the “three different screens” together,
Media Center is still lacking in Microsoft’s digital home vision.  Windows Media Center has really reduced to
this PR statement…

“Consumers today have access to more digital media and are
increasingly using the PC as the hub of their electronic experiences. The
“Play-to” feature in Windows 7 allows easier streaming of music, video and
photos to devices in a home network. Windows Media Player and Windows Media
Center in Windows 7 have built-in support for more media formats so people can
use their PC to play more media content and sync it to a broader range of
devices. As an alternative to monthly digital video recording (DVR) fees,
Windows Media Center, available in some editions of Windows 7, with a TV tuner
and improved user interface, makes recording TV free and easy.”

“Connected TV” was covered with a focus on Mediaroom
reaching 2.5 million homes.  This is the second
year in a row that Media Center
, Microsoft’s former baby has been a no-show
at the CES Keynote.  No
Media Center on
, no Media Center at CES keynote.  The
Xbox 360 is still the Media Center’s biggest enemy

happened to the Digital Decade

8 thoughts on “Microsoft Skips Media Center at CES Keynote

  1. Astonishing! MS could own the lounge room if they devoted some time to educate users, and gave away extender tech to display manufacturers.

    I am constantly amazed at how little my friends know about MediaCenter and how they can get it on their TV. It’s a 5 minute demo and they are sold!

    Why doesn’t MS pull their finger out and spend a few $ on advertising the sizzle that is MediaCenter?

    They waste demo time showing some “actual 12 year old” playing with some vaporware that you *cannot buy*, a surface demo that the 25 synapse surgeons in the world might afford, and they ignore something that they have right here right now…

    How about an appstore for mediacenter?
    How about a VOD system for mediacenter?
    How about the ability to customize the menu on mediacenter?

    Mediacenter is a wasted opportunity so far for MS imo

  2. Too bad, Media Center has such potential and yet again, Microsoft shows their incompetence by not knowing what to do with it.

    On the “The Xbox 360 is still the Media Center’s biggest enemy” link, that post is over a year old, and I would still have to disagree. Until one can plug a digital TV tuner, CableCard tuner, Dish Tuner, etc. into an Xbox 360, all the Xbox 360 will be is an extender for a Media Center computer.

    This is further exemplified by the lack of Blu-Ray support in Xbox 360.

    Microsoft seems to be betting heavily on Internet downloads as being some form of savior. Unfortunately, even if all you want to watch is movies, reliable, full HD Internet downloads are a long way off (another couple years at best, assuming ISPs don’t start capping downloads and charging by-the-bit).

    They don’t seem to have any form of short term home media plan/solution (1-2 years) which addresses HD TV viewing (i.e. from multiple sources) or HD movie watching (i.e. Blu-ray), for Xbox 360, or even Media Center.

  3. CoupleOfPoints: The point of the Xbox post is that 90% of customers don’t need or want the things you just listed. That’s the whole point.

  4. Media Center screenshots were apart of CES Keynote (i.e. the Music Library screenshot displayed while Balmer was talking about the “bringing the three screens together”). I do agree with JonAU, that a 5 minute demo would sell so many people. Especially if the Media Center is “tricked out” with plug-ins like Heatwave, Minilyrics (for scrolling karaoke-like lyrics), etc.

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