Random Notes from Microsoft’s CES Keynote

Media Center

  • 10 million Media Center users a month
  • Average Media Center session time is ~90 minutes

Xbox 360

  • Xbox LIVE membership that has grown to 17 million active
  • Xbox 360 has sold 28 million consoles sold to date
  • More than $1 billion spent on Xbox LIVE since the launch of
    the Xbox 360
  • Xbox 360 has largest game attach rate
  • Xbox LIVE Primetime channel brings together the best of TV and
    gaming in an interactive way.
  • Primetime will create scheduled programming, offer interactive and social features.
  • Average Halo player playing 150 hours on Xbox LIVE
  • Two new Halo titles this year.  Feb 28th release for Halo Wars.  Halo 3 ODST in 2009.
  • Since NXE launch, downloads of video content up 60%
  • Over 45 movie/TV studios providing content on Xbox LIVE
  • Over 60 millions song downloads on Lips and other music games.


  • Mediaroom platform has reached nearly 2.5 million subscriber
    homes worldwide (250% growth over last year)
  • Mediaroom Anytime lets you watch previously aired content
  • Mediaroom adds interactive third-party application support (BBC Top Gear as an example)

Windows Mobile

  • Windows Mobile is getting new Internet Explorer with Adobe Flash support
  • Lots of new phones shown
  • Microsoft/Netflix will offer software that enables Windows Mobile
    customers to update and view their Netflix movie queue.

Windows 7

  • Windows 7 is up on MSDN/TechNet.  Public beta on Microsoft.com on Jan. 9


  • Ford Sync will get updated with TellMe support
  • Zune Social is up to 2 million users

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