Ceton Gets Official with Industry First MOCUR

Microsoft might not have hit on it in their Media
Center-less keynote, but there is one big change getting ready to happen.  Well over a year after it was first spotted, Ceton
is out with the news that they will be shipping an MOCUR
in 2009 (Via Media
Center Blog

There are a few things that are unique to the Ceton MOCUR
over the current ATI OCUR.  The first and
most noticeable is the ability to use a single M-Card and tune at up 6
channels.  While most people know that
M-Cards can offer multiple streams, not many know they actually can be well
above two.  Using a single M-Card and a
Ceton MCOUR with add-on tuners you will be able to record up to six shows at


While you will still need a CableCARD Ready PC (sorry, no
home built) this tuner will be a welcome change from ATIs.  Ceton will hopefully stay a-top their
firmware releases and ship the tuners with that relaxed
DRM support
that ATI hasn’t bothered to get around to yet.

Sadly, this isn’t a BOCR (tru2way).  CableLabs has
not finished the specs for two-way CableCARD tuners for the PC.  While not noted in the press release, Ceton
will hopefully
be providing support for SDV Adaptors
which CableLabs has said will work
with OCURs but that a timeline for support has not been made public.  If SDV support isnt planned on, this tuner
will be dead in the water.  I’ve got to
believe that Ceton wouldn’t release the tuner at this stage without ensuring
SDV support.

Big hat tip to
the Media Center Blog

13 thoughts on “Ceton Gets Official with Industry First MOCUR

  1. Does anyone know if it will be possible to purchase one of these tuners for use on a Dell XPS 420 Vista Home Premium system that I purchased with the ATI OCUR? or does one need to buy a whole new system even if the current system is “legal”

  2. I don’t believe you are locked to a specific manufacturers Tuner solution…just needs to be a CableLabs certified PC with BIOS & license keys. However, I think your system will recognize this as a major change and may render protected TV recordings unplayable. I’m not sure about this but it is a distinct possiblity.

  3. Everyone seems to get so heated about SDV and tru2way all the time when tru2way isn’t out and at the rate most service providers adopt new technology it will be a couple years. And unless you have Time Warner SDV won’t effect you.

    I can’t wait for this card, and I’ll also save another $1.50 a month on my Comcast bill as I won’t need a second cable card anymore and then I won’t be giving Comcast any money for their hardware, which is the ultimate goal in the end, and more HD channels!

  4. Comcast and TWC plan on enabling tru2way by July of this year. tru2way really doesn’t matter much to me, what matters is two-way communication support for SDV.

    Not sure how you figure only TWC is affected by SDV (TWC has 20+ million cable subscribers BTW). Comcast will be deploying SDV as well.

  5. I just hope there’s some way to shoehorn these into my DIY box by hacking the BIOS or something.

    It’s really frustrating to be forced to use some crappy OEM box, instead of my custom built rig!

  6. So, my question is, assuming that they actually release this card sometime in 2009, will it work in my Dell XPS 420?

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