CyberLink to Demonstrate PowerDVD with Microsoft at CES 2009

TAIPEI, Taiwan – CyberLink Corporation is pleased to announce that
PowerDVD will be utilized by Microsoft Corp. in a demonstration of their newest
version of Windows Media Center, for Windows 7. This demo will be shown in the
Microsoft booth (7144), in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.
Additional demonstrations of the forthcoming version of PowerDVD will be
available to PC and Consumer Electronic manufacturers and members of the press
by appointment, in CyberLink’s private suite in the Hilton Hotel.

CyberLink has been working closely with Microsoft to support
many of the advanced capabilities of Windows 7. PowerDVD Cinema mode has been
designed to automatically integrate with Windows Media Center to enable full
Blu-ray playback capability on PC equipped with the appropriate hardware.
PowerDVD Cinema mode integrates seamlessly with the advanced user experience
that Windows Media Center provides and allows consumers to be able to use a
remote control to select and watch Blu-ray titles from the comfort of their
couch. PowerDVD also provide a great user experience when launched directly
from Windows, with new and exciting ways for everyone to browse and enjoy
movies and video files on any Windows desktop or laptop PC.

TrueTheater™ HD, one of the new video technology CyberLink
will demonstrate in PowerDVD, provides the capability to up-sample videos and
transform standard definition video files, or DVD titles into high-definition
quality. This would allow users to enjoy DVDs today in high definition quality.

“We are proud that PowerDVD is Microsoft’s choice to support
Blu-ray Disc playback for Windows 7,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink.
“PowerDVD is the leading DVD, Blu-ray Disc and AVCHD movie player software
application, chosen by top-brand PCs and optical disc drives purchased by
consumers and businesses around the world. We are excited to demonstrate the
smooth integration and the incredible sights and sounds of Blu-ray disc movies
for Windows 7 at the coming CES.”

14 thoughts on “CyberLink to Demonstrate PowerDVD with Microsoft at CES 2009

  1. CyberLink’s PowerDVD is just about the only media player that will play the AVCHD video files that I created using my digital camcorder smoothly. When I attempt to view AVCHD files within Windows Media Player, the video playback is very jerky.

  2. I’ll be curious if they can upsample DVDs ripped to disk and if it adds functionality to the Media Extender experience. Either would be make it extremely valuable.

  3. I hope seamless is really seamless.

    I wonder what the extent of this partnership is? Is Microsoft simply partnering with them for a CES demonstration or is Microsoft committing to PowerDVD as their main provider of Blue-ray compatibility in MCE?

    I am suspecting its more the former based on Microsoft’s track record of creating open frameworks and allowing others to jump in with their own solutions and fight it out.

  4. Digital is no longer the “under dog” of the marketing world, campaigns and strategies are now built around digital media with digital media becoming the centre piece of any activity,
    so a digital agency really needs to work at that strategic level with their clients.

  5. Word is No HD-DVD support for you people who have a LG combo (like myself) and a large collection of HD-DVDs (why not when they are $5-$10 each?)

  6. How seamless is seamless. If PowerDVD appears in any shape or form within Media Center then that’s game over. I want to see Play BluRay next to Play DVD, and nothing else.

    Also, will the ‘seamless’ version be free to Windows 7 users or will it come bundled with Windows 7?

    If there’s extra cost invloved, ie having to pay £70+ for PowerDVD, on top of paying for Windows 7, then that’s also game over.

    How many people would be happy if they setup their standalone BluRay player to discover when powering it on that ‘You can’t actually play BluRay Discs on this player until buying the relevant software at £70’.

    They would all take them back to the shop for refund.

  7. Am I missing something or doesn’t Arcsoft TotalMedia Theater already integrate with Vista Media Center. Playing HD-DVD & BluRay when simply inserting a disc or from the play DVD menu?
    What id PowerDVD going to do that Arcsoft don’t already do?

  8. I wonder if it will be an add-on purchase from the 3rd party provider (Cyberlink) or if it will be bundled in with Windows?

  9. I have Windows 7 beta on one of my PC’s and have tried media centre, its nothing fantastic and without the ability to play blue ray I wont be bothering to upgrade from Vista

  10. Depending on the spec of the system you may not notice any difference in Media Center but on my “lower end” machine it’s a night and day difference how much more smoothly the media center performs in windows 7.

    I still don’t know why people are rehashing the HD DVD issue. They’re a steal because they’re done and people are just clearing out their stock.

  11. i am using this setup at the moment, Windows 7 7048 with powerDVD 9 and it all runs through Media center 7 and YES its seamless.
    overall im really pleased with it. BUT unfortunatly you will have to BUY powerDVD 9.

  12. Well if it’s PowerDVD 9 that they’re demo’ing, I’ve used it with Windows 7. It sucks, crashes half the time, totally not “integrated”, it just works the same as it usually does, with as shortcut in the MCE menu and the DVD will only play a DVD in the drive and not any from the library.


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