Yes, The Green Button is Having Issues

Microsoft appeared to have fixed one of the issues I was
having on the backend, but that fix has caused the entire site to come to its
knees with wonderful message like “Value cannot be null. Parameter name:
relativeUrl” when attempting to make a new post or reply.  Unfortunantly,
since I don’t have direct access to the server there is nothing I can
personally do about it.

Sadly since you can’t make a new post or reply, The Green
Button will effectively be down until Microsoft can fix the issue.  Ian’s forums on The Digital
might be a good overflow forum until Microsoft fixes The Green

Update: Looks like some are having luck posting (I’m not one of them).  Try signing out and then back in.

5 thoughts on “Yes, The Green Button is Having Issues

  1. “Ahh, their master plan is unfolding.”

    If you mean the one where the continue to ignore any user input, then I agree.

  2. Signing out and back in does not solve the problem, I sent an e-mail to the admin today about the problem. I can’t do anything besides read posts. If I reply to a Post/PM or even try to create a new post it will give me that error….

  3. It has been over 5 days, and they still haven’t completely fixed something that should have been resolved in less then a hour.

    The site is owned by Microsoft right?

    Community server is open source and written with microsoft technology(csharp,sql) right?

    Come on!

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