Short Bits: DivX, Links, News

You might have noticed I’ve been quiet for the past month, sadly
that might continue for another month but I’ll be sure to try and fill the gaps
(meanwhile tons of other Media Center blogs covering everything new out there).

I’m not sure yet when it will be posted, but in a few weeks
several of us in the Media Center community will have a big surprise that
everyone will be interested in.  You’re
going to want to watch here for that.

On a completely separate side note, if anyone involved with Yahoo’s Connected TV Widgets please
let me know via e-mail.
  I’ve got several questions on the technology
and signing up online hasn’t yielded any results.

One of the best articles I’ve read in the past month is Davis
Freeberg’s analysis of DivX’s downfall
If you have a few minutes it is a really good read.  As DivX is based off of MPEG-4 ASP I’ve
always told people that even if the device doesn’t have a DivX logo on it doesn’t
means it will not play DivX (likewise with Xvid).  Davis is right that as soon as the DivX brand
loses value they are in huge trouble (eg. for
this exact reason

Some other interesting links and post.

to automatically download and import HD to Windows Media Center [Engadget HD]

Screen EPG : PVR Ratings (Some Initial Results) [Mobilewares]

How Ben
Drawbaugh uses Windows Media Center [Ben Drawbaugh]

with Doug Berrett on Webguide [New England Digital Media]
via Entertainment 2.0

One thought on “Short Bits: DivX, Links, News

  1. DivX will still hang on by their finger tips, they have gone H.264 with AC3/AAC in MKV for DivX 7 just like the MKV spec from “the scene”.

    Though clearly the stupid people are still in charge as instead of clerly breaking with the past and making DivX v7 AVC in MKV only, they relegated it to some oddball profile called DivX Plus HD or something like that. All the other profiles still output ASP in .divx

    Their window of opportunity of associating DivX with MKV like they did with AVI in consumer minds is closing very quickly.

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