Unlikely That Hulu is Holding Out for Microsoft

Jacobson at CE Pro speculates that Hulu
(who has been all over the
for killing third party apps) is holding out for Windows 7 Media
Center support.

As great as this would be, don’t get your hopes up.  Hulu has very few reasons to even look at
Microsoft here.  All Microsoft really
brings to the table is a very small number of users (none of which are really going to add new pageviews that Hulu isn’t already getting).  Microsoft internal numbers are actually
quoting a good amount of users, but I’m not really convinced that the numbers
represent the whole picture.

Bottom line here is that Hulu isn’t looking to target any
third party application (yet).  Jury is
still out on if Hulu has any interest in being more than a browser based
application.  I think the market is there
in several different forms, but yet again this could come down to NBCU, Fox, et
al fighting to keep the web from replacing traditional broadcast TV.

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