Media Center Gets More Web Marketing

Pete pointed to some excellent
new marketing videos
that were done for Microsoft and I noticed one thing
that just keeps coming back to me.  None
of them have anything to do with connected home entertainment!  What do they have to do with?  You guess it, watching TV on
your PC

Media Center definitely needs more marketing like this,
preferably I’d like to see this wrapped up with Zune, Xbox, and Windows 7 but
this is a good start (I’ve said that before though).  The Key Moment video was good, as was the Singing Antenna
but I’d like to see this taken further. 
The Sports with Windows video wasn’t bad, but between SportsCenters ads and
DIRECTVs March Madness/NFL Sunday ticket ads I feel like the film maker could
have taken a different direction that didn’t just merge and copy the two.

What do you think Microsoft needs to focus on in web advertising?

4 thoughts on “Media Center Gets More Web Marketing

  1. I wish they’d stop spending all this cash on marketing and instead use it to better their products. I just purchased a 360 to act solely as a media center extender, and it’s a horrible experience. It’s day 5 of my extender ownership and the thing is still scanning my folders for media(and it makes sure to let me know this every time I try to view said media folders).

    It’s also got 3 different instances of each album in my music folder, NOT A SINGLE ONE of my videos works on the extender, and I still can’t do something as simple as check the weather unless I want to install some crappy 3rd-party plugin. Sure, they want to push the TV on PC idea, but they’re surely not touching base on the whole cablelabs cablecard BS. What a mess they’ve made of this thing.

    So basically, every single commercial for a Microsoft product has the exact opposite effect that they would desire. It just makes me more and more disgruntled with them for the money I’ve wasted on their products that don’t work as they should. It’s actually very insulting. I’d never switch to Mac, but I am very much ready to dedicate the time and effort to migrate to Linux.

  2. Slightly off topic, but there is nothing Microsoft can do to build interest in the Media Center until they get good HD support (DirectTV). Until then, all my neighbors with ATT U-Verse just think I’m an oddball.

    I will also mostly agree with the first post. There are plenty of library issues that need to be addressed. To call the libraries ‘quirky’ would be an understatement.

  3. to “disgruntled” thunderdome: i agree with you that the MCE library design is unquestionably stupid (and buggy). but just wish to let you know that there is an open source project — MediaBrowser that really bring back the true meaning of user experience. try:

    it automatically downloads movie cover arts for you or you can put up your own too. it has integration with Transcode360 so that your xbox MCX will be able to play virtually all media formats. and a lot more. i just found it out a few weeks back and i never used the MCE’s library ever since.

    the only trick you have to remember is to set the security of C:\ProgramData\MediaBrowser to allow the MCX user account write access. or if you hate to find out which user, just allow EVERYONE full access. you have to do this BEFORE you start your xbox MCX. without this UAC could virtualize some files and give you headache and sluggish cover art performance in MCX.

    believe me that linux isnt what you want … i have to use both linux and windows for work. the linux media experience is simply unbearable and the integration is a lot worse. the only things i like about it was to write code and tweak the system. apart from that it was just to lower your standards and waste more time.

  4. thunderdome, agree with you that the VMC library is stupid and buggy. but i think you’d love to see this open source project — MediaBrowser:

    it works a lot better, with automatic/manual cover arts support. and can automatically recognize and integrate Transcode360, which means you can virtually play all media formats in xbox 360 MCX. i just found it a few weeks ago and i’ve never entered the VMC’s library ever since. finally there is something that brings in the true meaning of user experience.

    the only trick you have to keep in mind is to ACL folder c:\ProgramData\MediaBrowser to allow the MCX user to write into the dir tree. or if you hate the hassle of finding out which user, just allow EVERYONE FULL access to it. you have to do this before you start the MCX. without this tweak the UAC could kick in and virtualize some files to give you inconsistent and sluggish behavior when browsing the cover arts.

    believe me linux isnt what you want. i have to use both linux and windows for work. and linux sucks big time in media playing and integration (with other media devices). the things i love about it is to write code and tweak the system. (and the zero money cost). apart from that it is just to lower your standard and waste time.

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