Not Dead Yet

School is out for the semester which means more time to kick back.  I’m sure most of you know that there is a lot going on, so post any specific questions you have here and I’ll see what I can cover.

11 thoughts on “Not Dead Yet

  1. Hi Chris, what is up with CableCard PCs? I don’t see them offered by many of the big OEMs.

    Is the MCE + CableCard going away?

  2. How many people have successfully created a DIY OCUR Cable Card machine. Will Microsoft finally open this up to the public?

  3. Chris,

    Thanks for the offer. Here are my questions:

    1) Can you comment on the extender strategy for Media Center? Will there be a gen 3 strategy at all?

    2) Will there be integration with other Microsoft entertainment devices/experiences? So will I be able to manage my music library through my Zune software and have my music plays in Media Center count as plays in my Zune Library? Will I be able to use the Zune marketplace in Media Center or access the Xbox Live Movie/TV marketplace?

    3) Will there be DirecTV or Dish Network support in Media Center?

  4. Glad to hear your alive.

    1. Any comments on ZuneHD/xYz/Pink? Any chance of webguide integration or Ian’s offline extender idea actually happening?

    2. Why’d Internet TV need a beta 2? Will it do something besides gather dust?

  5. Good to hear Chris, I check your blog all the time, so I just assumed you were busy…. We all know there is a lot going on in the MC world….

  6. Hi! Was wondering where you had been! 🙂

    Any chance there the Microsoft/DirecTV relationship has rekindled at all, in terms of Media Center support?

  7. Have you heard anything more from Ceton regarding their mstream tuners??? I signed up for their beta, but never got a response.

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