Short Bits: Plug-ins, Media Center Show, Prices

Plug-in News/Reviews DVRMSToolbox For Vista – Public Release (R4) MyNetflix v2.1 Beta NetflixMC beta posted Life With a Plugin, Episode 7: Remote Scheduling Ian Dixon will have Ed Bott on The Media Center Show today live at 12pm PST.  Click here for the live link. Speaking of The Media Center Show, Pasquale DeMaio & Terry Walsh are on this week (pre-recorded) show. Microsoft cut prices on some Vista SKUs which translates into no one is buying Vista at retail.  More here.

Short Bits: HD/BD, Inteset, More

I’ve been busy as of late, but have some really interesting articles lined up as soon as I can finish them up. If you didn’t hear, Vista SP1 is officially coming in March. Derek Flickinger has a great article up on CE Pro about those pesky interactivity layers in HD DVD and Blu-ray.  Much like some of my thoughts, Derek goes though why Blu-ray might not be supported by Microsoft in the future (Derek also sent me bits of his article a few weeks ago). High end Media Center PC maker Inteset has a video up on Microsoft’s On10 (Via … Continue reading Short Bits: HD/BD, Inteset, More

Short Bits: mControl Extension, Inteset Monitoring, More

Trying to catch up on some interesting stuff that I have missed over the past week. Vidabox created an extension for mControl that allows you to control other Media Center PC’s via mControl.  It uses MCE Controller to do the work on the backend, and I’m waiting to find time to try it out myself. Inteset is now offering a 24hr/7day/365yr server monitoring service called “Inteset Heartbeat Monitoring Service” that can remotely monitor all hardware and software of their media servers/extenders.  Very neat for the high end install. Missing Remote has a review of MCE Weather and the news of … Continue reading Short Bits: mControl Extension, Inteset Monitoring, More

CES Keynote Roundup

Media Center was basically a no show, not too much of a shock for me.  The only real Media Center is that Samsung will be supporting Extender’s in the future. Other than that, Microsoft re-announced that HP will be shipping their MediaSmart HDTVs with Extender’s built-in. Microsoft’s IPTV software (Mediaroom) is now on over 1 million STBs.  Again, AT&T U-Verse is the only option in the US. The Xbox 360 IPTV got more information.  BT in the UK will be the first allowing you to buy an Xbox 360 from them to use as both a gaming console and IPTV … Continue reading CES Keynote Roundup

Bill Gates Looks Ahead at “Next Digital Decade”

Microsoft announces new entertainment partnerships with Disney-ABC Television Group, MGM and NBC Universal. LAS VEGAS — Jan. 6, 2008 — At the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates and Microsoft President of the Entertainment & Devices Division Robbie Bach today unveiled several new entertainment services and partnerships, including new deals with Disney-ABC Television Group, NBC Universal and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (MGM), that demonstrate how software is improving people’s ability to connect with their favorite content and communities through new and expanded forms of entertainment experiences. In his 11th CES opening keynote address, Gates looked at … Continue reading Bill Gates Looks Ahead at “Next Digital Decade”

Media Center Update (Fiji) Finally in 2008?

Mary Jo posted today with her predictions for Microsoft in ’08 and what do you know on the top of the list is Fiji.  I’ve talked about Fiji several times in the past, and ’08 should be the year it finally surfaces.  According to Mary Jo, it most likely has already received a new codename (she suggests Windows 6.5, or something stupid like it) and it looks like it will ship as part of a big Vista upgrade. I would guess this will resemble the so-called “XP Reloaded” push from a few years back when Microsoft shipped Windows XP Service … Continue reading Media Center Update (Fiji) Finally in 2008?

Cumulative Update (October 2007) for Vista Media Center Released

The KB Article is not live yet (as of me posting), but Microsoft has released an update for Vista Media Center today.  This update addresses issues with Media Center for Microsoft Vista, which ones do we think that might be? More later today, until then the downloads are below or check Windows Update. Update: KB Article is now up…  Microsoft has released the October 2007 Cumulative Update for Media Center for Windows Vista. This update rollup is intended for computers that are running Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate. Issues that are resolved by this update In addition … Continue reading Cumulative Update (October 2007) for Vista Media Center Released

Random Vista Thoughts: Part 1

I’ve been using Vista for the past month, my first attempt to move away from Windows XP.  I’ve noted a lot of things about Vista in this time, some that I like and some that I don’t.  Just some random thoughts… MCML applications make it worth the upgrade to Vista.  Period. For all Microsoft’s time spent on UI design, why the hell is the volume and network icon in the System Tray 2d crap? Same topic, why is there a gap in between the volume/network/etc icon and the first program running on the System Tray? Flip3D is neat, I don’t … Continue reading Random Vista Thoughts: Part 1

Microsoft Rejuvenates Media Center at CEDIA

It is no secret that I don’t agree with all the choices Microsoft makes with regards to Media Center, however I still believe that it is a fantastic product.  Microsoft doesn’t seem to see the potential that it has though.  Despite this and with a few exceptions, CEDIA has shown me that Microsoft still has a great interest in Media Center.  The products and announcements that have come out in last week finally have Media Center heading back in the right direction (well, unless you don’t live in the US). Just one side note, CEDIA is an expo for custom … Continue reading Microsoft Rejuvenates Media Center at CEDIA

First v2 Media Center Extender (Pika) Details!

I’ve been talking about them forever, and here they are! When: Holiday Season 2007 Who: Linksys, D-Link, Niveus Media What: v2 Extenders (Pika), variety of form factors (Standalone, DVD players, Televisions) and price points, support for Wireless N, Quiet, DivX and Xvid (features can vary by manufacturer) Note: It wasn’t in the press release, but the Sigma Designs reference board also support H.264 as I have said in the past.