Listen to me Live on The Media Center Show

Mark your calendars for next Monday, the 17th at 1PM PDT because you will be able to catch a live edition of The Media Center Show with Ian Dixon with yours truly as his guest. It will be live on, and if you want to participate in the live chat to ask questions or comment then you are going to need to register for a free account (no account needed just to watch/ hear the stream). Hope to see you there!

Short Bits: Plug-ins, Media Center Show, Prices

Plug-in News/Reviews DVRMSToolbox For Vista – Public Release (R4) MyNetflix v2.1 Beta NetflixMC beta posted Life With a Plugin, Episode 7: Remote Scheduling Ian Dixon will have Ed Bott on The Media Center Show today live at 12pm PST.  Click here for the live link. Speaking of The Media Center Show, Pasquale DeMaio & Terry Walsh are on this week (pre-recorded) show. Microsoft cut prices on some Vista SKUs which translates into no one is buying Vista at retail.  More here.

Short Bits: Media Center Show, On10, PowerDVD, more

Ian Dixon had Microsoft’s Steve Lindsay on the Media Center Show today talking about various including Windows Home Server, Extenders, Home automation and his new blog. Some other stuff that I have not talked about, On10 has videos with S1Digital, Inteset, and Niveus Media.  The Windows Mobile team is looking for feedback from users with Zune’s and Windows Mobile devices which is always good to see. Missing Remote has some tips on integrating PowerDVD Ultra with Media Center for a better Blu-ray/HD DVD playback experience. Lastly, Jeff Atwood has an interesting article on Tivoization and the GPL.

The Media Center Show Awards 2008

Ian’s yearly Media Center Show Awards podcast has been posted, and while I wasn’t able to attend I want to thank everyone for voting for me for best enthusiast blog.  Did I win?  Download the show and fast forward to 52:37 to find out. If the suspense is killing you and you must know now, I won again this year!!  Thank you to everyone who voted and everyone else out their blogging. Every year I say it wouldn’t be possible without all the other bloggers and readers and that stays true.  Even more so, the Media Center community and awareness … Continue reading The Media Center Show Awards 2008

S1Digital Prepping Windows Home Server & Custom Touchscreen

S1Digital is launching a number of new products for 2008, starting with their newly designed website that looks great.  On the hardware side, S1Digital will be launching two Windows Home Server’s and a 17 inch Media Center touchscreen.  The new solutions are outlined in their new brochure (PDF) that lays out the S1 vision of the connected home using Media Center as the center piece. While exact details have not been released on the new hardware, it appears they will have two flavors of S1 branded Windows Home Server’s.  The first is a 1U rackmounted server, and the other is … Continue reading S1Digital Prepping Windows Home Server & Custom Touchscreen

Short Bits: Plug-ins, Media Center Show, Linksys Video

Important: For anyone commenting, Community Server seems to randomly be moderating every single comment!  Comment moderation is not turned on on my end, so I’ll have to see what is up.  If you don’t see your comment it’s ok.  It just needs to be approved by me. Via Missing Remote a few new plug-ins that I haven’t covered, but a third party Netflix Watch Now Plug-in might be coming to Media Center.  I’ve talked about this in the past, but Netflix hasn’t done anything officially yet. In addition a plug-in called MCE Organizer interfaces with Movie Collector (I think it’s … Continue reading Short Bits: Plug-ins, Media Center Show, Linksys Video

Short Bits: VC-1 SDK, TiVo Gadget, Awards

Microsoft just released the VC-1 Encoder SDK – Professional is designed to provide file-based and/or real-time encoding capability to general content creation toolsets or dedicated encoding software applications. Mike Swanson posted an updated version of his TiVo Gadget for Windows Vista (Via ActiveWin). Don’t forget to vote in The Media Center Show Awards.  I believe voting ends this month, so just a few more days to get your vote in.

Short Bits: Zune Tool, Media Center Show, Blockbuster

Not sure if it would be helpful to users, but Microsoft just released a Zune Device Diagnostic Tool.  According to Microsoft, the Zune Device Diagnostic Tool compiles data to help Product Support Services diagnose Zune USB and wireless sync connection problems. New Media Center Show, #136 – Steven Hughes today.  Don’t forget to vote in the The Media Center Show Awards! Blockbuster Online is all buy dead now, they just raised their prices again!  3 DVD’s out at once (Unlimited per month) just went from $24.99 to $34.99.  Netflix anyone?  I bought a few Netflix gift certificates for holiday gifts, … Continue reading Short Bits: Zune Tool, Media Center Show, Blockbuster

Short Bits: Get a Mac, Zune, Russound, Omaura

Missing Remote has some good posts, Top Ten Things You Can Do With A Media Center PC and a preview of the case giveaway from Omaura.  Very nice. Ian Dixon also has some good stuff, Video Show – Zune and Media Center Recorded TV and Russound on the Media Center Show. This is probably the best Get a Mac ad yet. [YouTube:oXcimfzLLoY]

The Media Center Show #126

The Media Center Show #126 | 10th October 2007 (1 hour 15mins 53sec) MP3 – 26MB (Download Here) This week Ian Dixon talked with Niall Ginsbourg about his Vista Media Center applications, the process he follows when developing Media Center applications and how he is getting businesses looking at Media Center development .