Niveus Supports Ten Extenders and Eight CableCARDs From One Niveus Media Server

Simultaneous HDTV viewing, recording, and distribution in up to eleven zones! Denver, CO – CEDIA Expo 2008 – September 4-7 – Booth #850 – Niveus Media is invigorating the whole-home TV viewing experience by announcing that select Niveus media servers will simultaneously support up to eight digital cable (CableCARD) tuners and ten Media Center Extenders. Announcing availability concurrently with the introduction of the 2009 Niveus media server line, boasting impressive enhancements in processing and performance, Niveus now doubles the capabilities of the Niveus Entertainment System. “Niveus has nurtured the digital cable functionality and compatibility since early 2007 and is proud … Continue reading Niveus Supports Ten Extenders and Eight CableCARDs From One Niveus Media Server

Xbox 360 Arcade Officially $200

Microsoft has officially dropped the price of all Xbox 360 SKUs.  The Arcade is now officially $200, or rather still the best value for an Extender if you can live without additional file format support and live with the fact that it has a fan. Read more here.

Short Bits: Life|ware & Niveus at CEDIA

This edition ripped straight from CE Pro…It seems Niveus Media is done with pushing their recently developed Niveus EDGE Extender.  The might have been Xbox 360-based Extender (sans gaming) is out and the HP MediaSmart Connect is in.  Interesting turn of events for something that must have taken a lot of time and money to complete. Niveus is also updating their Movie Gallery adding support for better metabase, higher resolution cover art, and a 10-foot disc ripping client which seem popular these days. Life|ware is also set to make a splash at CEDIA with a new iPhone control application that … Continue reading Short Bits: Life|ware & Niveus at CEDIA

Update: Newegg Does $99 Linksys Extenders (Now $150)

Newegg has jumped on the cheap Linksys Extender bandwagon with $99 DMA2100 Extenders (Via The Green Button).  There is now no doubt that Linksys is looking to drop all of their stock, but the question still remains are they getting out of the market or introducing a new SKU? Update: Now they are selling for $150. Update: Newegg is out at the sale price, but has them for $127 again.

D-Link Releases DSM-750 Firmware Update

D-Link has released the first firmware update for their DSM-750 Extender.  Based on the release notes it appears that most if not all fixes in the new version 1.01 apply to the MediaLounge software and not the Media Center Extender aspect of the product.  That said it does appear to add 1080p output as an option which should apply to both the Extender and MediaLounge modes.  Other changes are below, you can download the updated firmware here and upgrade via the front USB port on the DSM-750. Support for 1080p TVs and video files Look of the Home page altered … Continue reading D-Link Releases DSM-750 Firmware Update

$150 Linksys Extenders Hit

Don’t have a Circuit City nearby to get in on that $150 Linksys Extender deal?  No problem. is pushing out those same Linksys DMA2100 Extenders for $150 as well.  As always Amazon has free shipping options if you can wait a few days to get it in your hands. The recent crop of Extender deals has me wondering, is Linksys the first to finally understand that $150 is the magic pricepoint for a standalone Extender (as I’ve been saying for years), or are they getting ready to drop the product and move on either to a new unit or … Continue reading $150 Linksys Extenders Hit

$150 Linksys Extenders at Circuit City

Circuit City has the Linksys DMA2100 Extenders on sale for only $150 (Via Missing Remote).  If you are in the market for a Media Center Extender then I would check your local store to see if they have any in-stock. According to Circuit City’s website they are sold out online, so your local store might be the only place to get a deal (not sure about raincheck purcahses). All three of my local stores around Houston are showing them in-stock, so check it out.

Samsung’s MediaLive: the Ultimate HDTV Accessory, Bringing Digital Content from the PC to the Big-Screen

Samsung Electronics America Inc., the leader in the U.S. digital television market, lets consumers view PC-content on a Samsung HDTV with the retail launch of the company‘s MediaLive adaptor. Samsung‘s MediaLive delivers digital content (including HD content) in real-time from Windows Media Center on a PC running Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate operating systems to the big screen of a Samsung HDTV via a wireless or wired home network. From photos, music, feature films, home movies, and live and recorded TV programs, Samsung‘s MediaLive is the ideal plug-and-play complement to most 2008-model Samsung HDTVs. “The PC is … Continue reading Samsung’s MediaLive: the Ultimate HDTV Accessory, Bringing Digital Content from the PC to the Big-Screen

$150 Linksys DMA2100 Extenders via

Dell is pushing out Linksys Extenders at $100 off retail via their website.  This means you can pick up a DMA2100 for only $150.  The DMA2200 can be purchased for $250, however it is currently listed as out of stock. At $150 Dell/Linksys hits the perfect Extender price point which I’ve talked about in the past.  Even given the issues I had when I reviewed the DMA2200, I’ve grab one or two at $150 and not think twice. (Via The Green Button)

Short Bits: DVD Steaming, Media Center U, CEDIA

Charlie Owen wants to know why you think that Microsoft hasn’t hit on DVD streaming yet.  My reasoning?  Because Microsoft has no idea what market to develop for.  Are they focused on their average consumer market?  Because they don’t use Media Center at all.  Are they focused on the market found at The Green Button?  Sure doesn’t seem like it.  Are they focused on the custom installer market?  Partly, but they hardly have the features needed to make a dent on the overall market. Speaking of the custom market, Microsoft announced that will be holding various training sessions focused on … Continue reading Short Bits: DVD Steaming, Media Center U, CEDIA