Embedded Automation Announces Commercial Release of mPanel

Newest Product in the mHome Family Integrates Digital Media and Digital Home Control Surrey, BC – September 2, 2008 Today, Embedded Automation announced commercial availability of mPanel, the newest member of the mHome Product Family. mPanel will be available for pre-order on September 10, 2008, with shipments commencing on October 13, 2008. mPanel provides a integrated user interface for digital media and digital home control: mPanel’s Digital Media Interface, which implements UPnP AV Control Point technology, can select music, with rich meta data, from any computer or storage on your local area network and play it through the on-board amplifier. … Continue reading Embedded Automation Announces Commercial Release of mPanel

VidaBox’s vAutomation Platform Tightly Integrates Media Center & Automation Technologies

VidaBox Partners with Charmed Quark Systems to create vAutomation™: Complete Media Management & Automation Solutions for the Mid-to-High-End AV Market Westbury, NY – September 2nd – VidaBox LLC proudly presents its new line of automation and media management packaged solutions called vAutomation™, powered by Charmed Quark Controller (CQC), the popular control and automation system from Charmed Quark Systems, Ltd.  As an extremely powerful, professional-level software package, CQC allows mid-to-high-end custom integrators to offer automation solutions with the features, flexibility, and extensibility formerly found only on more expensive and proprietary systems. “One of our goals has always been to simplify every … Continue reading VidaBox’s vAutomation Platform Tightly Integrates Media Center & Automation Technologies

Short Bits: Media Center U, Media Center Show, SideShow, More

I’ve been extra busy the past week and have kind of skipped covering everything that I wanted too, but now I’m back! Check out part 4 and part 4 of the Media Center University sessions at EHX.  In these two sessions Todd Rutherford from Microsoft covers everything from online streaming and downloading of content to controlling Media Center in a whole home environment. In last week Media Center Show Ian Dixon and Ted Singh covered Embedded Automations upcoming mPanel touchscreen.  I’ve got a post coming on SideShow later, but to get a glimpse of that you just have to see … Continue reading Short Bits: Media Center U, Media Center Show, SideShow, More

VidaBox Releases the vController – Hardware Solution Integratable with Software Automation

VidaBox Releases the vController – a Solid, Feature-Rich Hardware Solution Integratable with Software-Based Automation packages‏ Westbury, NY – July 17th – VidaBox is excited to offer the vController, a powerful rack-mountable automation solution. Designed for heavy-duty automation, it comes standard with four USB ports, dual Ethernet Ports, VGA video out, and two standard RS-232 ports. Optionally, it can be configured with up to nine RS-232 ports for the most demanding of integration projects. “With the growing popularity of PC-based automation platforms, integrators have been looking for a solid, pre-built hardware solution where they can reliably run their software,” explains Steven … Continue reading VidaBox Releases the vController – Hardware Solution Integratable with Software Automation

Microsoft Starts Media Center SideShow Gadget Beta

Microsoft has finally unwrapped a beta of the long rumored Vista Media Center SideShow control gadget.  First spotted by Stuart, you can apply for the beta on Microsoft Connect and get started starting, but so far it looks pretty much like basic in terms of functionality. The key component currently missing is Media Center Extender control, something we knew Microsoft has said it will be able to do.  Current features include the ability to browse the Guide and schedule recordings, list recorded TV and start playback, browse the music, picture and video libraries, and show “Now Playing” information. Read more … Continue reading Microsoft Starts Media Center SideShow Gadget Beta

Short Bits: Sideshow, Netflix, Media Manager

Mike did a great comparison of all of the different Netflix plug-ins for Media Center, and Alan seems to be doing good with his semi-recent CableCARD purchase.  Ricavision looks like they are getting ready (again) to release their Sideshow remote.  While I love the concept, I can’t suggest anyone do business with Ricavision right now.  First it was delaying the remote well over a year, then raising their pre-sale prices, then running their beta program by asking for $350 retail price upfront (plus shipping) from testers, then posting them up on Amazon for pre-order (with free shipping) just days about … Continue reading Short Bits: Sideshow, Netflix, Media Manager

mControl Gains iPhone/iPod Touch Control Interface

Embedded Automation is on the urge of releasing mControl v2.1 which already adds several new features and improvements, but it looks like one last feature it sneaking its way in, an iPhone/iPod Touch UI! I will have more about mControl later this week.  I have read several comments about people being interested in getting started with lighting control and home automation, so with the help of Embedded Automation’s mControl I’m going to see if we can help everyone get started. Thanks Dan!

Short Bits: Managed Copy, Media Center University, Sideshow

The dream of legally copying a Blu-ray Disc to your hard drive and streaming it to other devices might be over before it starts.  Managed Copy, the cornerstone of the AACS content protection system might never actually get off the ground, reports Consumer Electronics Daily (CED). While the finalized AACS specifications could be done as early as summer (well over a year late), it is not likely to include Managed Copy according to the report.  The issue appears to be content licensing, with studios having not always having the content rights to allow for a Managed Copy.  Such a good … Continue reading Short Bits: Managed Copy, Media Center University, Sideshow

Short Bits: Life|ware, Harmony, MyNetflix

Interesting how Mike Seamons leaves Exceptional Innovation and their focus turns to everything but Media Center.  Life|ware now runs on a RTI T-2C RF remotes, so you can have an XPe Life|controller and not even use Media Center as a part of Life|ware. This is actually a great move, the advantages of home automation and lighting control comes in the various control form factors.  I don’t want to turn on a display everytime I want to control my lights, and in fact the one thing I hate about the light control that I’ve adopted (INSTEON) is a lack of controllers … Continue reading Short Bits: Life|ware, Harmony, MyNetflix

ThinkRemote To Bring SideShow To Everyday Devices

As first spotted this morning on The Green Button, ThinkRemote is an upcoming application that aims to bring SideShow to “everyday devices” like your Windows Mobile phone, iPhone, Wii, Nintendo DS, PSP, web browser, and more. The application is Media Center ready, and also focuses on home control with the ability to support IR bridging, Z-Wave, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Check out the beta sign-up at controlthink’s website.