Reader Questions: Round 1

Have any questions for me?  As a part of Media Center Week I’m trying to answer as many as I can.  Post them here.  Q: I’ve heard that Cox is refusing new HD channels for CableCARD users even though they are not going to SDV until the end of the year. Do you know why and how they are able to do such a thing? I haven’t heard about this specifically, and I’m not sure it would work.  The channels either need to be on their existing network, or the SDV network.  If they are not on either, you’re talking … Continue reading Reader Questions: Round 1

Short Bits: Big Screen Apps, Apple TV, Start Menu Feedback

You can now purchase all Big Screen v2 products online at  Even better, right now you can get a few bucks off your purchase by clicking here.  Next week, in the sprint of the new branding in the sidebar you might just be able to win a free copy right here.  Stay tuned. Could Apple really beat Microsoft to interactive TV applications?  They now have a patent that describes OCAP-like interactivity features.  OCAP of course, is the interactivity layer that is defined in the CableCARD 2.0 (tru2way) specs that should be supported in BOCRs.  No idea if it is … Continue reading Short Bits: Big Screen Apps, Apple TV, Start Menu Feedback

Apple TV Gets Upgraded

Apple finally upgraded their Apple TV yesterday at MacWorld making it worthy of a look.  Overall, I’m impressed with the upgrade, but still not touching it.  I’m sure a lot of people out there are not impressed, but I’m trying to see it from Apple’s angle.  No PVR and no DVD player is exactly what they want in this product.  As soon as they give you the ability to playback “legacy” formats you have no reason to buy/rent the same content from them. The big draw of the new Apple TV is being able to make purchases/rentals directly from the … Continue reading Apple TV Gets Upgraded

Short Bits: Worst Tech, Remotes, Ed’s Extender

Apple TV scored the #1 position on Yahoo’s 10 Worst Tech Products for 2007.  I’m no fan of it, but as it appears Apple might finally be launching movie rentals in iTunes it could get a second coming.  Renting movies from the Apple TV would defiantly add significant value, but then again so would iTunes purchases in general from Apple TV.  Microsoft Surface and Windows Vista also were included in the list.  I can see Windows Vista as the public perception of it is horrible, but not Surface.  The author of the article seemed to be taking Surface as a … Continue reading Short Bits: Worst Tech, Remotes, Ed’s Extender

Short Bits: Get a Mac, Zune, Russound, Omaura

Missing Remote has some good posts, Top Ten Things You Can Do With A Media Center PC and a preview of the case giveaway from Omaura.  Very nice. Ian Dixon also has some good stuff, Video Show – Zune and Media Center Recorded TV and Russound on the Media Center Show. This is probably the best Get a Mac ad yet. [YouTube:oXcimfzLLoY]

Apple Releases New iPods; Zune Dies in the Corner

Sorry for anyone looking for a pro-Microsoft post today, but Apple just announced those new iPods I was talking about last night when criticizing the Zune and I’m personally declaring that the Zune is dead. On the iPod front, there is one for every budget.  New Shuffle colors (1GB $79), new iPod nano’s that support audio/video with 24 hour of audio playback on a charge (4GB – $149, 8GB – $199), new iPod Classic with audio/video support (80GB – $249, 160GB – $349), and finally iPod touch (8GB – $299, 16GB – $399) that also will support wireless browsing and … Continue reading Apple Releases New iPods; Zune Dies in the Corner

Apple Disappoints Me Today

So, I basically have my credit card ready early today pressing F5 on Engadget to refresh their WWDC coverage waiting for Steve Jobs to say something, anything about the Mac mini or any other Mac hardware updates.  Several sites have reported that they think it will be scraped, and I’ve been praying for the past month that Jobs would either confirm the death or announce an upgrade to at dump it up to a Core 2 Duo.   And yet, Apple announced no new hardware or hardware upgrades today! The mini has been my ticket to get a Mac but because … Continue reading Apple Disappoints Me Today