Pinnacle Releases Unencrypted QAM Plug-in for PCTV HD Card

Joining the party of Hauppauge, AVerMedia, and SiliconDust (HDHomeRun), Pinnacle has released unencrypted QAM drivers/plug-in for their PCTV HD Card (800i).  General beta driver guidelines apply (backup first!), but be aware that the first user at The Green Button to try them out had pretty poor results.

Short Bits: Fiji, Netflix, HD PVR

Mary Jo says Fiji is out for beta testing, but I wouldn’t know anything about that. Last night Netflix announced their first hardware partner for their stream STB, and it turns out that it is Roku.  Kind of an interesting choice, but Dave covers why some might have seen it coming.  The bad news, it is another STB.  The good news, it is only $100. Brent Evans reports that Hauppauge is close to shipping the HD PVR, while others are reporting that it will ship with 2-channel audio recording (I assume this is with their bundled software only).

Hauppauge Releases QAM Plug-in for Vista Media Center

Hauppauge has taken tourch from AVerMedia and created an unencrypted QAM plug-in for Vista Media Center.  It is supported on the HVR-1250, HVR-1600, HVR-1800, and HVR-2250.  Both Windows Vista x86 and x64 are supported as well, other information can be found here. This is a beta plug-in, so as always approach with caution.  You can download the plug-in here.

Short Bits: HD PVR, mceShoutCast, My Movies

Brent Evans has confirmed that Hauppauge’s HD PVR has officially been delayed until at least mid-May.  Check out the full post for exact expected ship times based on order number. eHomeUpgrade points to a new ShoutCast plug-in for Vista Media Center (English translation).  It’s MCML that has several features including favorite streams, top 500 listing, and even recording! Brian has opened the backend services from My Movies to third parties.  This means that other plug-ins or applications can tap into Brian’s backend database as well as the My Movies Collection Management program.  Check out the full announcement here. Thanks Ryan!

Short Bits: Lifeware, 64-bit HD-PVR, Dragon

Audio Video Interiors has a great article on Life|ware, more specially the Life|ware install in Exceptional Innovation founder Seale Moorer.  If someone wanted a prime example of how MCML has impacted third party products then look no further then the UI for Life|ware. Hauppauge reps are now saying they will have 64-bit drivers for the HD-PVR upon release…in two days. The Green Button, Ian Dixon, jkOnTheRun, Barb Bowman and 27 other sites are set to give away HP HDX Dragon Entertainment Notebook’s worth over $4,500.  I’d keep an eye on all the 31 sites for more. 

Hauppauge HD-PVR Letdowns

The much hyped HD-PVR (Component capture device) from Hauppauge has hit its first snag. First of all, it ships with no 64-bit support, and worse only single tuner support! I wasn’t surprised by the 64-bit news, but I’m shocked at the single tuner.  I’m not exactly sure if the single tuner support is with the bundled application that they are shipping or if it will also apply to SageTV and BeyondTV.  If it does apply to all software, this product has lost all of its value.  Maybe SnapStream can add to this?  Update: Brent posted that the drivers are supposed … Continue reading Hauppauge HD-PVR Letdowns

Short Bits: HD-PVR, Home Server, Online Spotlight

Hauppauge put up the pre-order form for their HD-PVR 1212 that I talked about last week.  Especially if you are ordering with Media Center in mind know that it will not work out-of-the-box, Media Center can’t support the video format it is pushing out.  Hopefully Hauppauge can add support by years end.  Price is $250 per device. Update: SnapStream Blog has photos of it working with Beyond TV. Looks like the data corruption bug in Windows Home Server is finally set to be fixed with Power Pack 1.  (Via Missing Remote) Mike wrote a great article also on Missing Remote … Continue reading Short Bits: HD-PVR, Home Server, Online Spotlight

Short Bits: Media Center Show, Hauppauge HD-PVR, CableCARD

Ian Dixon had Scott Evans from Microsoft on The Media Center Show this week along with AMD talking about AMD Live! A lot of information dropped today about Hauppauge HD-PVR’s Component Capture device.  I’ve been meaning to do a whole big post about this and how it relates to Media Center and other products like SageTV but never found the time so here is the quick version. Some information about the device, it is a single input (also has passthrough) Component video capture device that encodes to H.264 (13.5Mbs max) at up to 1080i  It is expected to go for … Continue reading Short Bits: Media Center Show, Hauppauge HD-PVR, CableCARD

AverMedia Releases QAM Plug-in for Bravo Hybrid PCIe

AVerMedia has released beta QAM plug-in/driver that work within Media Center for their Bravo Hybrid PCIe tuner card.  Much like the existing beta QAM plug-in for the AVerTV Combo PCIe x1 M780, this will enable your Bravo Hybird to tune unencrypted QAM from within Media Center. You can download the beta drivers and plug-in from AVerMedia’s FTP site at  Username is beta, password is betatest.  There are drivers for both 32 and 64-bit, but remember these are beta drivers so backup your system before you try anything!

BOCR CableCARD Tuners (M-Card) Coming Soon From Ceton Corp?

I’ve talked about OCUR being an open spec before, the idea that anyone can actually build them assuming they want to play around with CableLabs.  I’ve also talked about Bidirectional OpenCable Receiver (BOCR) before, the idea being new CableCARD tuners will work with two-way communication and have M-Card capability so you only need a single “tuner” and CableCARD to end up with a dual tuner PC. It appears the first BOCR might be coming sooner than I thought, and even better appears to be a non-ATI product.  Ceton Corp has a page up about their M-Card Cable Tuner Card for … Continue reading BOCR CableCARD Tuners (M-Card) Coming Soon From Ceton Corp?