MSDTC Issue Part 2 – Original Posted Feb 1, 2005

I got brave and decided to fix the problem. The issue, for those who missed the first show, was that I needed to reconfigure the MSDTC on a SQL cluster. The MSDTC needed to be moved to a different drive because we are retiring one of the EMC frames.

The more I read on this the more complex it seemed. I read through Q 301600 and Q 294209, and reviewed several other sources. These articles made it sound like I was going to have to rip out DTC on each node and then rebuild it on each node and restart SQL on the cluster. I just refused to believe it was so complex.

The MSDTC resource was configured as part of the initial cluster group with the cluster name and Q: as dependencies. Previously, the quorum was moved from Q: to I:, but the old Q: could not be removed until the MSDTC was reconfigured.

So, the more that I thought about it, the more sense it made to me, so I:

  1. Stopped the MSDTC resource

  2. Copied the MSDTC folder from Q: to I:

  3. Stopped the Q: resource

  4. Deleted the MSDTC resource

  5. Created a new MSDTC resource with the clustername and the new I: as dependencies

  6. Brought the MSDTC resource online

I don’t see any problems with it so far.

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