Exchange 2007 and Public Folders

It appears that the rumors of the demise of Public Folders has been greatly exaggerated. Per the Exchange Team Blog, Exchange 12 (Exchange 2007) will continue to support public folders and will actually improve manageability. Personally, I recommend using SharePoint Services (Windows SharePoint Services – WSS) and SharePoint Portal Server (SPS) for collaborate application development for all future in-house initiatives and strongly suggest moving any public folder applications that you might have to WSS or SPS in the near future. The writing is on the wall that WSS and SPS are the way to do this in the future.   … Continue reading Exchange 2007 and Public Folders

Clustering IIS and SQL on the Same Boxes

NO!!!! That pretty much summarizes my feelings on this topic. I have seen this proposed as a configuration before many times. The web guys say they need HA SQL for their web site data and then they figure that since they are getting a cluster that they can use it for IIS, too. No, don’t do it. While at first glance it makes some sense, if you start thinking big picture, then you start seeing the problems. First off, the big picture for an HA website with HA SQL backend should look like this: Clients connect to the Internet to … Continue reading Clustering IIS and SQL on the Same Boxes

Cluster Training Survey

As it has been blogged before, Rodney R. Fournier and I run training summits for Windows Server 2003 clustering through and some other partners. We would really appreciate it if you (the reader) could take about 5 minutes and give us your feedback at: They are simple questions from simple people (me).   Update, here are the results and some comments: Q1. If you were to take a Windows clustering class, which would you find to be the most important to you? Server Clustering in General (MSCS) 13.89% Network Load Balancing 0.00% Step-by-Step Labs 25.00% Specific Information on … Continue reading Cluster Training Survey

File and Print Migration

It is a pretty common scenario for most companies. The old file and print server (they are usually combined on the same server in most organizations) is getting old and needs to be refreshed with new hardware. This task sounds pretty simple, but it can be a major pain. After all, every client machine has hard coded mappings (unless you use scripts to deploy all of them) for file shares and printer shares. Print Migrator 3.1 and the File Server Migration Tool (FSMT) can both be downloaded from Microsoft’s website. These two tools can then be used to help migrate … Continue reading File and Print Migration