3 or More Nodes – Failover Process

An item of confusion with clustering often pops up in class. The question is, how does the cluster service decide what node to failover to in the event of a cluster group failure? The answer is not so straight forward. First, let’s look at the different contributors to the decision. Order of Installation – Simply, in what order were the nodes installed? Was NodeA installed before NodeB and NodeB installed before NodeC and NodeC before NodeD?    Possible Owners –  This attribute is a property of an individual resource. In this situation, the possible owners strictly is used to define which nodes can run the resource, and this will … Continue reading 3 or More Nodes – Failover Process

New Job – Same as an Old Job

This is the first week at my new job. What is it? Well, it is the same as a job I had two years ago.  I am back working at Ameriteach in the Denver area in Colorado. I am extremely glad to be back there. It is a great job working for great people and with more great people. I finished up my work at Infocrossing on August 4th, took some time off to work on some other projects, did some contract work, and then it was time to start the new job. It has been a little over two … Continue reading New Job – Same as an Old Job

Discounts for MCTs and MVPs

For the ClusterHelp.com class in NYC in December of 2006, we are offering 50% discounts for fellow MVPs and fellow MCTs. So, instead of paying $2,400 for the four day course, those that qualify can get in for $1,200 for the four days. Of course, most people can do the math. For more information, and to register, please contact Patrick Power via email at ppower@netlan.com or you can use an old fashioned device like a telephone and call him at 212-730-5900. You can also get more information about the course from the www.clusterhelp.com web site. Click on the Training Outline … Continue reading Discounts for MCTs and MVPs

NYC December Class Almost Sold Out

This is a nice problem to have. It is still a couple of months away and it is already sold out. What to do? What to do? We talked NetLAN into providing two classrooms, so we can have more students attend. Come on and enjoy the fun of NYC in early December. Join us for class, then join us for drinks and possibly a show or two if you are up to it. I promise a week of great information, and evening fun as well. Let's fill up another classroom.