Standby Continuous Replication (SCR) for Exchange 2007 SP1

Have I said how much I love the Exchange team lately? These guys/gals are awesome! So, today, I see the blog about SP1 for Exchange Server 2007 and just had to read it. There is some really nice stuff coming out as part of SP1 that you will probably want to read for yourself on the Exchange team blog. However, let me make it clear: just because it is part of the plan at this time does not mean it will ever be implemented. Plans change. The one planned feature of SP1 that really jumped out at me is SCR. I … Continue reading Standby Continuous Replication (SCR) for Exchange 2007 SP1

Fibre Channel Information Tool (fcinfo)

Released on Monday, Feb 19, 2007, this tool can be run from Windows Server 2003 or Windows 2000 to enumerate disks and configuration information for attached SANs. Download it here:    

Cluster Prep

YES! It is finally released to the public. The Microsoft Cluster Configuration Wizard released today to production. Clusprep (Clus Prep), as it is known with affection, can be used to test the configuration before configuring for clustering. The tool can be installed on either node or another computer altogether. It should be installed on a 32 bit server, however, even then it can still inventory and test the configuration of both 32 bit and64 bit systems. Clusprep tests the hardware configuration and evaluates the OS, patches, and hot fixes. While clusprep is not 100% fool proof, if the potential nodes all … Continue reading Cluster Prep