More on Managing Exchange Server 2007 CCR

I have been thinking about this a great deal lately. I, as I said in my previous blog post, I am pretty concerned at the way a CCR implementation is supposed to be moved using the Exchange Management Shell (EMS).

Scott Schnoll, somebody I respect greatly, posted on the Exchange Team blog that it is recommended to always use EMS to move the clustered mailbox server from one node to another. He says that you can use the Cluster Administrator tool, but that using Cluster Administrator is not recommended because: 

  • These methods do not validate the health or state of the passive copy. Thus, their use can result in an extended outage while the node performs the operations necessary to make the database mountable.
  • These methods may also leave a database offline indefinitely because the replication is in a broken condition.

  • What does this mean? Well, I have to say it since nobody else will. It means that:

    • Messages may be lost because they were not properly replicated before the move of the clustered mailbox server.

    • The database may not be mountable.

    • Replication might be broken.

    You know what that sounds like to me when you say a database can’t be mounted? It sounds to me like it might be corrupted. At the minimum, it might not be complete because of lost messages that didn’t get replicated. In either case, this is bad (how is that for a technical term?) and should be something that is discussed in your organization.

    With this in mind, all I can say to you is that you should never use the cluster administrator to move a CCR clustered mailbox server because it could cause ugly things to happen.

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