"Save XP" Campaign Discussion

I have been pretty busy lately, but I just couldn’t ignore the “Save XP” campaign being promoted by InfoWorld.

I have many issues with this entire campaign, so I will summarize them here:

What is InfoWorld doing? I wasn’t aware that it was suddenly an opinion magazine and had given up on being a news reporting organization. It is like NBC doing a “Help Elect Joe Snuffy” campaign. It it totally inappropriate. Read the story here on their site.

I can’t imagine that the world expects time to stop and technology to stop advancing.

Hardware support is halted all the time as computer hardware ages. Other companies with technology based products also stop support after products reach their end of life. Why not software? Wait, software companies also stop support of their older products, especially as newer ones are released to replace them. So, why should Microsoft be treated any differently?

Bharat Suneja, a good friend of mine, has been heavily involved in this debate regarding the “Save XP” campaign. His latest contribution to the discussion can be seen here. Bharat has pretty much nailed the topic down. To paraphrase Bharat’s point of view, XP is far from dead as support won’t end until next year, extended support won’t end until 2014, and downgrade rights are available for everyone that buys Vista, so it is still technically possible to buy more XP licenses.

You can see my comments there, but for the lazy, I have posted them below as well.

I have been following this entire exchange on both this site and on InfoWorld.

I really get a kick out of it as I see history clearly repeating itself. I remember the same whining regarding XP when it first came out. I remember people upset because they felt that Win 95/98 was fine and they hated the new architecture of XP. They hated the performance, they hated the lack of drivers, they hated that lots of applications did not run properly on XP, and they just also seemed to hate it because it was new and it has always been trendy to express hate when it comes to Microsoft and its actions.

Well, now the griping is about Vista and XP is what people don’t want to give up. I imagine the same whining and crying will come up when a new product is released to replace Vista.

What bothers me is that so many people are against change when change has led to some fantastic technological improvements that have made many companies more efficient.

Implementing Vista will lead to many improvements in business effectiveness as users are able to do more with less and support staff will have to spend less time and money to keep client computers running and secured.

My opinion? That is easy, I hate Vista on my old laptop. I absolutely love it on my new laptop, which was built with Vista support in mind. I can move from work to home and back without having to screw with my wireless network settings as Vista automatically finds everything and connects me without any special effort on my part. I love that I can put my laptop to sleep while I commute and it springs to life when I need it, again, without special effort on my part. I love that I can hibernate whenever I want and I can be confident that it will start up right where I left off again when I need my laptop.

Microsoft, like all companies, has a clear right (and a duty to its shareholders) to stop supporting old technologies as they reach then end of their lifecyle. XP has clearly reached the end of its life, and I can’t see any benefits in trying to keep it on life support. Businesses, both small and large, will benefit greatly from the improvements in technology. While there is no need to go around and uninstall XP on older equipment, there certainly isn’t any benefit to retrofitting it on new hardware which is more than capable of supporting Vista and providing users with a much better computing experience.

The whole “Save XP” campaign is a joke. Somebody needs to pop up and say, “April Fool’s” really soon.

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