Virtualization and Exchange Server 2007 Support

For serveral years, we have had heard in the industry how great virtualization is and how it can save us a fortune in reduced data center foot prints and make our companies more efficient as well as more effective when it comes to moving new products into production and consolidation of servers.   The big issue/concern has been whether we can get support from Microsoft for products that we are running in a virtualized environment. Who wants to invest in virtualization if it means that we won’t get the high levels of support that we need for our business critical … Continue reading Virtualization and Exchange Server 2007 Support and Extremely Poor Customer Service

I have been buying products from the Internet for several years now. I seldom do any of my major shopping in stores anymore.   The other day, advertised a laptop that looked like something that I could use and the price was right. So, I placed an order. It never arrived. I placed it again, and received an email saying that I need to provide more information.   They asked that I go to and fax them the form all filled out so they could ship my laptop. Look at it when you get a chance. They want me … Continue reading and Extremely Poor Customer Service

Certifications – They Really Are Not as Scary as Thought

Harold Wong recently posted about his recent certification experiences. It is an excellent example of what I have been saying for years: Certification is not all that and a bag of chips. Microsoft certification is focused on proving minimal skills required to perform a job/task. Minimal skills are possessed by most of the administrators in the world that have been working with the product for a significant amount of time. If you know your stuff, passing an exam should be easy. So, what does certification prove? Again, see above, nothing but minimal skills. What does a High School diploma prove? … Continue reading Certifications – They Really Are Not as Scary as Thought