and Extremely Poor Customer Service

I have been buying products from the Internet for several years now. I seldom do any of my major shopping in stores anymore.
The other day, advertised a laptop that looked like something that I could use and the price was right. So, I placed an order. It never arrived. I placed it again, and received an email saying that I need to provide more information.
They asked that I go to and fax them the form all filled out so they could ship my laptop. Look at it when you get a chance. They want me to copy my Driver’s License AND my credit card. Yeah, right. Maybe I should just give them everything on me so they can easily steal my identity. OK, not, but anyone that works there could access that info.
I have sent several emails to their customer support and they all reply with the same response which is, “No, we won’t tell you what is wrong with your online purchase and no, we won’t help you unless you fill out our form and fax it to us.”
I have a better idea. I won’t buy from them, and I will gripe loud and long to everyone that I know.
I still can’t believe that I could not get a voice number from their customer service web site and that I received such stupid requests.
BTW, does anyone in this country still own a fax machine?
Update: I finally got a phone number from one of the reps. Of course, everyone followed the company line, so it did me no good. Next step – I write the corporate office and file a complaint with the BBB. I doubt either will do any good, but they really need to change their policy or they will lose more customers.

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