New MVP Award

I received the formal announcement this morning that I am awarded the MVP again for my work in Windows High Availability (Server Clustering). No, that is not the title, but that is the way that I try to treat the subject.

As an contributor to the different communities around the world, I try to provide some objective information to questions and issues. One of the hardest things for me to respond to are those that want to implement Failover Clustering (that is the term in Windows Server 2008), but they don’t want to invest in good hardware, or enough hardware, to do it well. However, my real pet peeve is that too many people think that High Availability is just putting together a cluster and then magic happens.

OK, it is true. Magic does happen. Failover clustering is so much easier today that it has ever been, and it is also much less expensive than ever before in the past. However, we have to remember to stick to the basics. Don’t forget change control. Don’t forget your backout plans. Don’t forget your DR plans. Most importantly, don’t forget to test everything.

Anyways, I spent my last plane flight working on several blog ideas. I hope to refine them and get back to giving you more and more information about some of the topics that came to mind Monday morning while I was flying to the office.

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