CoMo Error – You must update your version of Communicator Mobile

So, long story, short version: I was trying to hook up Communicator Mobile 2007 on my HTC S710 running WM 6.1. I downloaded the latest version from the Microsoft download site and installed it. So far so good.

I then entered all of the important information in the client, you know, like the address info and my log on info. I clicked on sign in and after a couple of minutes, I got this ugly error message that said:

“You must update your version of Communicator Mobile before you can sign in…” Well, I just downloaded the latest and greatest. How could I have too old of a version?

A little research gave me the following steps to fix it.

1. Check the Client Version Filter defined in your OCS environment
 – Expand Standard/Enterprise Edition Servers node
 – Right Click on the pool or server name. Choose Application Properties > Client
 – Select the Application Properties and then Client Version Filter
 – Click on the line for CPE
2. Update the version number to block a lower number than the current version

Repeat the process on the Access Edge. You may need to restart the RTCSRV service, but I didn’t seem to need to take that step.

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