New Office Communications Server (OCS) Blog

I started a new blog on the site. So far, I am just having a little fun, but I will be adding lots of new content there in the next few weeks. Make sure to add it to your feed list. My plan is to discuss Unified Communications in general, OCS 2007 and OCS 2007 R2, and hardware such as headsets and phone devices. I have a few headsets that I need to review, so I will post those reviews there, too. For those that hate links, here is the URL:  

StarWind Software

Many of us in the clustering community use StarWind for our iSCSI targets so that we can create clusters easily for testing and production. Rocket Division decided to break StarWind into its own company. Right now, they are in the process of making the changes internally, but I decided to spring the leak and let everyone know right now. <G> You can reach them at for now. What you will find is a very basic web page, but they will have it all ready to go soon. Along with the new company, they will also be launching the next … Continue reading StarWind Software