Exchange Server 2007 CCR on Windows Server 2008 Failover Cluster

I did a one day workshop on March 15 in Orlando at the Exchange Connections conference. As usual, it was a great deal of fun. However, for some reason, I never posted this blog entry until today.   Anyways, I decided to put some of the key bits of information out here for others to enjoy. I hope it helps everyone.   First off, we need to understand that putting up a CCR cluster requires several steps, which can be combined into four categories. Configure the Hardware Install and Configure the Operating System Install and Configure the Failover Cluster Feature … Continue reading Exchange Server 2007 CCR on Windows Server 2008 Failover Cluster

PowerShell and Windows Server 2008 Failover Clusters

One of the major changes moving forward into Windows Server 2008 R2 is that some of the tools are being deprecated (I love that word) in favor of PowerShell. Some people just screamed, “Wooo hooo, fantastic!” while others screamed, “Great, now I have to learn another tool after investing all of those years in the tools of the past!” I, personally, take the first view point in that this is great news. It now forces me to start using PowerShell more than just in Exchange Server 2007. PowerShell will be the main tool in the future, so it is important … Continue reading PowerShell and Windows Server 2008 Failover Clusters

Antivirus for Windows Home Server

I was using the freebie that came with my WHS, which is provided by McAfee. So, me being a lazy person, I figured I would just purchase the product since the free trial ran out. Once on the console, it looked easy. I clicked the link to buy the product. Well, that is where it because a major pain. While McAfee was more than willing to take my money, they don’t seem very willing to tell you how to install it. No problem, I will suck it up and call the tech support team. Well, the tech support team that … Continue reading Antivirus for Windows Home Server

StarWind Software – Cluster Presentations

StarWind Software has been a wonderful partner to work with over the last few years. I first started working with the product when it was part of Rocket Division, but it was split off and became its own company several months ago. I recently did a web cast for StarWind Software, and it was a fun project. They also have had several others do web casts on cluster topics. I highly recommend that everyone visit their site to learn more about clustering and to see how their product works with clustering. I think you will be happy to see it. … Continue reading StarWind Software – Cluster Presentations