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Exchange: Using OWA 2003 as the Default Mail Client in Your Organization – Excellent article with tips that every Exchange Admin should read. What are zombie users?  – Great explanation of ACL, DACL, SACL, etc. Must read. “Motorola’s MOTOSYNC™ Provides Direct Wireless Mobile Connectivity to Industry-Leading Microsoft Exchange Server 2003” Mac: Virtual PC for Macintosh 7.0.1 (English) was posted to MSDN Subscriber Downloads on November 19, 2004. News and Miscellaneous: PowerPoint Viewer 2003 – Nice 🙂 How to help protect against a WINS security issue – Man I hate WINS! International Computer Security Day is … Continue reading Exchange, Mac, News and Misc

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Windows 2000: Are you still running Windows 2000? Sure, we all are. Microsoft just announced that service packs for 2000 are done. They will create a rollup, but SP5 for Windows 2000 is not going to happen. Time to upgrade to Windows Server 2003 eh? Exchange: MSDTC and Exchange clusters – – Awesome must read article if you are clustering Exchange 2003. Explaining Exchange 2003 Http Access (Part 1) – Good stuff. In the news… “The Squeeze On BlackBerry” – Good stuff TechNet Quarter 2 FY05 Downloadable Documents – Tons and tons of excellent information on Exchange, Group … Continue reading Windows 2000, Exchange, In the news..

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SMS: Microsoft Puts New Life Into Its Systems Management  – Interesting information on Dell, though personally I still like working with HP better. 2000: Update for Windows 2000 (KB883114) 2003: Update for Windows Server 2003 (KB883114) Update for Internet Explorer for Windows Server 2003 (KB870772)

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Exchange: Microsoft Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool – Updated – again How to configure an RPC over HTTP topology on computers that are running Exchange 2003 with Service Pack 1 Implementing a Two Node Cluster with Windows 2003 Enterprise – Excellent article with pictures. XP: Update for Windows XP (KB887742) Update for Internet Explorer 6 for XP Service Pack 2 (KB888240) Windows 2003 – Active Directory: Update for Internet Explorer for Windows Server 2003 (KB810395) Troubleshooting Group Policy in Microsoft® Windows® Server – Version 2.0 – great stuff Group Policy Infrastructure White … Continue reading Exchange, XP, 2003/AD

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Exchange: More on Exchange 200x SRS + SRS troubleshooting tips! Good stuff. Office 2003 Add-in: Microsoft Outlook SMS Add-in (MOSA) – Send SMS text messages from your phone through Outlook. XP: Update for Windows XP (KB886677) Office: Internet and Local Area Network Bandpass Performance of Microsoft Office 2003 Miscellaneous: Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Deployment Planning Guide Microsoft iSCSI Software Initiator Version 1.06 (build 302)

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Exchange: Worksheet: Disaster Recovery Preparation for Exchange Server 2003 Exchange Technet Webcasts for December How different versions of Outlook and Exchange deal with HTML message body? – Very interesting stuff. Royalty-Free Sender ID for E-mail License Agreement Bill Gates is most “spammed” person in the world: Microsoft CEO From Kim Akers – Senior Director, Exchange Marketing (thanks to for the cut and paste of the really good stuff) Apparently one third of messaging admins would rather get divorced than have e-mail go down! 80% of organisations believe that e-mail is more important than the phone. … Continue reading Exchange, XP, SMS, Mom, Misc.

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Exchange: Update for Exchange 2003 (KB 883543) – This is a post SP1 Exchange 2003 update. Exchange 200x SRS – how does it fit into the big picture? Microsoft Product Support’s Reporting Tools (MPSReports)  – For Exchange Designing an Active Directory/Exchange 2003 environment using the Exchange Best Practices Analyzer Exchange 2003 and WINS – Do you need WINS? Windows Server 2003: Update for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (KB883646) XP: Troubleshooting Windows Firewall in Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 Live Communications Server 2003/5: Live Meeting 2003 Document: R2 API Reference Guide Live Meeting … Continue reading Exchange, Windows Server 2003, XP, LCS, SPS, SMS, Office, Misc.

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Exchange: Messaging Hygiene at Microsoft SMS: Systems Management Server 2003 Service Pack 1 Upgrade – English Systems Management Server 2003 Service Pack 1 Scan Tools – English Miscellaneous: Scripting Security Descriptors Understanding Mobile IPv6