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Worksheet: Disaster Recovery Preparation for Exchange Server 2003

Exchange Technet Webcasts for December

How different versions of Outlook and Exchange deal with HTML message body? – Very interesting stuff.

Royalty-Free Sender ID for E-mail License Agreement

Bill Gates is most “spammed” person in the world: Microsoft CEO

From Kim Akers – Senior Director, Exchange Marketing (thanks to for the cut and paste of the really good stuff)

Apparently one third of messaging admins would rather get divorced than have e-mail go down!

80% of organisations believe that e-mail is more important than the phone.

Estimated 80% of an enterprise’s information sits on individual’s computers.

Even today, some 40% of Exchange seats are still on 5.5.

Microsoft deals with 9.5 million items of spam each day. They are only using IMF and Exchange’s other filtering capabilities i.e. no third party products are being used. IMF is saving them $300,000.

IMF performance/statistics can be reviewed via the performance monitor counters. An IMF update should be along in the next couple of months. IMF can’t be installed on a cluster (although it will work with mailboxes that are homed on a cluster), nor does it work with Exchange 2000. However, in both cases it is possible to implement an Exchange 2003 server on the gateway to run it the IMF.

The recent ActiveSync licensing deal with PalmOne is likely to be the first of many. There is a desire for ActiveSync to be adopted and used on both Microsoft powered Smartphones and also non-Microsoft powered devices. Look out RIM.

The Exchange Best Practices Analyser has been a great success with over 85000 downloads since September 21st. Tremendous feedback has been received. The application checks 1200 settings against 800 rules.




Using the Windows Firewall INF File in Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 – Version 1.4




Systems Management Server 2003 OS Deployment Feature Pack


Systems Management Server 2003 Service Pack 1 Administration Feature Pack


Mom 2005:


Deploying MOM 2005 at Microsoft




Solution Accelerator for Business Desktop Deployment Standard Edition


Solution Accelerator for Business Desktop Deployment Enterprise Edition


White Paper: Patch Sequencing in Windows Installer version 3.0


Network Access Protection Platform Architecture


IT Security at Microsoft Overview

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