SMS, 2000, 2003


Microsoft Puts New Life Into Its Systems Management  – Interesting information on Dell, though personally I still like working with HP better.


Update for Windows 2000 (KB883114)


Update for Windows Server 2003 (KB883114)

Update for Internet Explorer for Windows Server 2003 (KB870772)

3 thoughts on “SMS, 2000, 2003

  1. I have been in this industry for almost 20 years now. I have worked with every major vendor, some of which are not even around anymore.

    I really enjoy the support and experience with some vendors, HP/Compaq being one of them. Phone, web site, in person support has been top notch.

    Now, have you called Dell lately? Have you used the website? Garbage, and has been for years. Missing files, 404’s, difficult to find downloads. And talk about BIOS updates and firmware updates with any admin, Dell puts them out almost daily. They are always fixing something. I could go on and on about Dell, but I will stop.

    Did I mention that I only own HP workstation and laptops personally, and since I made the switch, every works – flawlessly?

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