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Windows 2000:

Are you still running Windows 2000? Sure, we all are. Microsoft just announced that service packs for 2000 are done. They will create a rollup, but SP5 for Windows 2000 is not going to happen. Time to upgrade to Windows Server 2003 eh?


MSDTC and Exchange clusters – Awesome must read article if you are clustering Exchange 2003.

Explaining Exchange 2003 Http Access (Part 1) – Good stuff.

In the news…

“The Squeeze On BlackBerry” – Good stuff

TechNet Quarter 2 FY05 Downloadable Documents – Tons and tons of excellent information on Exchange, Group Policy and Security.

PSSDIAG Data Collection Utility – If you have not used this tool yet, you should. Do I have to mention its free?

Hector Protector Button/Screen Saver – Microsoft cares about our future and our children. The Hector Protector is a project to help protect our youth.

Dell Unites with Microsoft to Provide Better Management Solutions

Dell, Microsoft make a patch pact for servers,+Microsoft+make+a+patch+pact+for+servers/2100-1010_3-5452868.html

Lastly, Jesper Johansson from Microsoft has a three part series on passwords. I have met Jesper several times over the last year and had great conversation with him in Malaysia. It’s really about time that we all live security and not just talk about it. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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