STOP THE SPYWARE – Microsoft joins the battle and does an excellent job.

Beta 1 is now public. Visit the above website. Watch the video ( I think every AOL user should watch it and learn.

AntiSpyware (Beta) 1.0 is out. I have to tell you, I swear by Spybot Search & Destroy (S&D) and Lavasoft Ad-aware, but this is really good stuff. It is definitely full featured.


Spyware Scan – a very nice scanning tool. It found things neither of the above mentioned tools found. You can scan memory, cookies, files, schedule it, view the history, etc. Seems to work really fast too.

Real-time Protection – Comes in 3 parts Internet Agents, System Agents, and Application Agents.

Internet Agents – 9 agents. Dial-up Connection, WiFi Connection, Internet Safe Sites, Layered Service Provider, Windows Messenger Service, Spam Zombie Prevention, Internet Proxy Server, Name Server Protection, and TCPIP Parameters.

System Agents – 25 agents. Windows Host File, Windows Services, Context Menu Handler, Windows Shell Execute Hook, Windows Shell Open Commands, Windows System.ini File, Windows Directory Trojans , Windows Extensions, Windows Win.ini File, Control.ini Policy, Ini File Mapping, Shared TaskScheduler, Approved Shell Extensions, Shell Service Object Delay Load, User Shell Folders, Winlogon Shell, Winlogon Userinit, AppInit DLL, Explorer Trojan, Windows Password Protection, Windows Update Service, Windows Protocols, Windows Restrict Anonymous, Windows Logon Policies, and WOW Boot Shell.

Application Agents – 25 agents. Process Execution, Running Process, Startup Files, Startup Registry Files, ActiveX Installation, Browser Helper Object (BHO) Protection, Internet Explorer Explorer Bar, Internet Explorer Extensions, Internet Explorer Toolbars, Internet Explorer URLs, Script Blocking, Internet Explorer Security Settings, Internet Explorer Third-Party Cookies, Internet Explorer Plugins, Internet Explorer Security Zones, Internet Explorer ShellBrowser, Internet Explorer Trusted Sites, Internet Explorer WebBrowser, URL Search Hooks, Internet Explorer Menu Extensions, Disable Regedit Policy, Internet Explorer Reset Web Settings, Internet Explorer Restrictions, Application Restrictions, and Installed Components.

Advanced Tools – System Tools – Systems Explorer, Browser Hijack Restore, Privacy Tools.

System Tools

Systems Explorer – This is a key section that I have not seen in any other product.

Browser Hijack Restore – Take back control of your machine.

Privacy Tools – Tracks Eraser – An excellent CYA tool 🙂

As you can see, this tool does more then I can explain in a simple write up. Download it, install it, use it and be amazed. I am sure you won’t be unhappy 🙂

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