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Backup Process Used with Clustered Exchange Server 2003 Servers at Microsoft

MS IT: Leveraging dual SMTP Virtual server approach for Exchange 2003 gateway perimeter system – Very, very good read (with pictures)

Cross site moves in Exchange Native Mode – Good stuff from the Man.

More DS/IS prerequisite validation info for cross-site, Exchange mixed mode mailbox moves – Nice!

Command Line Administration of your Exchange Full-Text Index with the help of MSSEARCH_ADMIN.VBS – Are you using Exchange’s Full Text Indexes? Learn more about how they work…–Index-MSSEARCH_ADMIN.html

FSC’s PRIMERGY BX620 S2 server blade sets a world record in 24 hours -dang, this is a big cluster 🙂 18,500 on a 4 node!!!!

Exchange Server 2003 and Domain Controllers – A Summary – Not that this is ever a good idea or anything, but just in case you have too (like SBS).

Microsoft Introduces Microsoft Solution For Hosted Messaging and Collaboration – Interesting to say the least


Software Update for Web Folders

Volume Expansion Using Diskpart.exe


SharePoint Products and Technologies 2003 Reference: SharePointPSSearch SQL Syntax (Preview)


Live Communications Server 2005 Document: Reference Guide

Live Communications Server 2005 Document: Enterprise Pools and Windows 2003 Network Load Balancing


Project 2003 Software Development Kit (SDK)


Medium Business Solution for Messaging Services v 1.0

Visio 2002 Service Pack 2 (SP2)

Microsoft Architects JOURNAL 4 – For Programmers – new

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