I am speaking at TechEd 2005 – USA

MCT’s worldwide had 12 sessions to choose from and 5 were choosen. If you are an MCT, and attending TechEd, here is my session information:

TE02: What Every MCT Needs to Know about Clustering and High Availability Cluster


High availability. Fault Tolerant. What do these terms mean to you? Do you cringe when a student asks about them? Do you know the difference between Component Load Balancing, Network Balancing, and Application/Service Clustering? Can you cluster DNS? WINS? DHCP? IIS? DCs? If you get these question in every class you teach, come to this session to learn the answers that your student seek. Learn about these from a MCT that lives and breathes this stuff.

Three key things attendees will learn during this presentation

  • You will learn to define clustering, high availability, and dozens of terms

  • You will learn to understand which high availability solution is correct for any student question

  • You will learn what you need to teach any course that covers anything remotely concerning clustering.

Thank you to all the MCTs that voted for my session.

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