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Free or Discounted: Technet Labs – these are really nice.   Microsoft MCP Exams Discount – from VUE: You can take Microsoft MCP exams at a discount with Vue ( use MSUU4C7E638B and get 20% off the exam 🙂   FREE EXAM VOUCHER I have one free voucher, first person to email me, gets it. It expires in June 2005, so hurry J GONE! Sorry!   SQL: SQL Server Health and History Tool (SQLH2)   Miscellaneous: UNOFFICIAL Windows98 Second Edition Service Pack 2.0.1 – What the heck? This is not from Microsoft.

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Oops Department: Xbox 360 not compatible with current games – Make that most games, like Halo and Halo 2. I can just hear it now; yes I would like to buy Halo 2.360. This is what happens when you replace the processor and video on any machine. More 360 specs can be found here Microsoft’s infomercial introduces newest Xbox – what the heck, come on Microsoft, kill the infomercial crap.   Microsoft sued over Excel data-linking – DOH!   Microsoft Tests Version of Tuneup Service – This is a great idea – NOT!   Microsoft … Continue reading Oops Department, Exchange, Clustering, SQL, Windows Security, LCS, Misc.

From today’s Stuart Kwan Active Directory Chat…

Q: With the large changes coming down the pipe with Longhorn and other technologies, where is Microsoft planning on bringing AD? We have seen several major changes from AD in 2000 to AD in 2003 and what can we expect for Longhorn? A: For Longhorn we’re looking to introduce a read-only domain controller, reduce domain controller reboots, and separate the domain administrator from the local machine administrator accounts.   Q: Have Microsoft published any AD performance indicators relating to the benefit of using 64-bit Windows on domain controllers? A: We do not have any 64-bit DC case studies published yet, … Continue reading From today’s Stuart Kwan Active Directory Chat…

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Exchange: 10 Tips to Optimize Exchange 2003 Performance (Part 2) – Numbers 6-10 actually J   Understanding Exoledb’s default folders – Geeky, but yet cool all at the same time.   Windows: Internet Information Services 6.0 Migration Tool   Windows SharePoint Services Service Pack 1 – WSS – Windows Version no SPS.   XP: IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN Security with Microsoft Windows XP   LCS: Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2003 Hotfix KB 893607   Miscellaneous: Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.8 SP1 – Great yet another MDAC!   Publishing Company WPA2 Case … Continue reading Exchange, Windows, XP, LCS, Misc.

Microsoft Product Support’s Reporting Tools (MPS Reports) can help you document your systems

I am not sure if you have talked to Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) lately or not, but they have a really great set of reporting tools available for download:   What is nice, besides that they are all free is that you can use them to document a system, though they are not supported by Microsoft unless you use them for PSS.   You get all kinds of things, not just a report or documentation of your system, but very useful troubleshooting tool information. Here is a list of the current areas that you can dive into: … Continue reading Microsoft Product Support’s Reporting Tools (MPS Reports) can help you document your systems

How to obtain a Microsoft Hot Fix – or should you?

I have been working with Microsoft Enterprise Platform Support a lot lately on an issue I am experiencing. The term hot fix got thrown around, a term that I have a very strong opinion on.   First, how to obtain a Microsoft Hot Fix – go to and find the area that fits your current need. Call the support number, and select the option for hot fixes. Someone from Microsoft will answer; tell the support person you are calling for a hot fix. After you give your information and state your case, they send you a download link. It’s … Continue reading How to obtain a Microsoft Hot Fix – or should you?

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SQL: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 4 – For SQL & SQL Analysis Services   Windows R2: Overview of the Distributed File System Solution in Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2   Install and Upgrade to Windows Server 2003 R2   Beta 2 Step-by-step Guide for Storage Resource Manager   Print Management Step-by-Step Guide   Beta 2 Reviewers Guide for Microsoft Services for Network File System in Windows Server 2003 R2   Storage Manager for SANs Quick Start Guide   Overview of Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) in Windows Server 2003 R2 … Continue reading SQL, Windows R2, Misc.

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Security: Hacked! Your Company…   Exchange: Top support issues for the Exchange information store;en-us;893083   More information about Windows 2003 SP1 SCW and Exchange server. – Good stuff.   Using the Microsoft Exchange Server User Monitor (ExMon) tool   Upgrading Exchange Server 5.5 to Exchange 2003 in a Medium-Sized Organization   Best Practices for Public Folders   Components of Public Folders in Exchange Server   Exchange Server 2003 Events and Errors – Way cool!   Harnessing the power of Ambiguous Name Resolution (ANR)   Exchange Server AUTD Binding Cleanup   … Continue reading Security, Exchange, Windows, Project, LCS, Live Meeting, Misc

Fail-Over Clustering in Longhorn

This came across my desk the other day. Looks to be pretty good stuff. Moreinformation can be had at What you can expect: Improved Cluster Setup, Setup is streamlined and simplified, Create an entire cluster in one seamless step, Thorough cluster testing to ensure your cluster will function properly, All the power of a full cluster test suite in your hands to guarantee the actual cluster you are setting up will provide rock solid stability Fully scriptable for automated deployments A Cluster Migration Tool Will assist migration of a cluster configuration from one cluster to anotherRolling upgrade of Windows … Continue reading Fail-Over Clustering in Longhorn