From today’s Stuart Kwan Active Directory Chat…

Q: With the large changes coming down the pipe with Longhorn and other technologies, where is Microsoft planning on bringing AD? We have seen several major changes from AD in 2000 to AD in 2003 and what can we expect for Longhorn?

A: For Longhorn we’re looking to introduce a read-only domain controller, reduce domain controller reboots, and separate the domain administrator from the local machine administrator accounts.


Q: Have Microsoft published any AD performance indicators relating to the benefit of using 64-bit Windows on domain controllers?

A: We do not have any 64-bit DC case studies published yet, but the main benefit is the ability to keep a larger DIT file in memory due to being able to address more physical memory on a 64-bit machine.


Q: In 64-bit Windows, is there a way to control exactly how much of the ntds.dit gets loaded into memory, or is this controlled automatically?

A: This is controlled automatically, there isn’t any direct way, but you could look at the I/O rates or other secondary effects.

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