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Business Contact Manager Update for Outlook 2003

Multi-site Data Replication For Exchange Server 2003 – interesting read.

How to Set Size Limits for Messages – Pretty simple stuff…

Baseline BIS TCO Assessment – v3 – For Windows & Exchange migrations


SQL Server 2005 CTP June 2005: Books Online


Deploying Microsoft Windows Server Update Services

Windows 2000 Still Dominates Enterprises – DOH! Support runs out in 14 days folks, its time to move on…

Interesting information about SP1 for 2003


The Services and Service Accounts Security Planning Guide – Way cool and about time! 35 pages and part of a 5 part series (hint, read the readme). It’s in a PDF format. Chapter 3 has some excellent advice.

Incident Response—Managing Security at Microsoft

Identity and Access Management Series


Operating a Rights Management Services (RMS) Server

Troubleshooting Rights Management Services (RMS) Service Pack 1 (SP1)

Rights Management Services (RMS) Service Pack 1 (SP1) Technical Reference


Documentation for Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 with SP1 Transition Pack


Trend Micro to Acquire InterMute – Trend Micro augments award-winning solutions with addition of innovative anti-spyware experts to provide data privacy protection – Cool, cause I love Trend products.

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