A good keyboard can make the world of a difference

This week Microsoft announced a new keyboard.  Last year at the company store I purchased this keyboard.  I really liked the sound features in the middle. Earlier this year I won a contest and got this keyboard. 


So what is the common thread here? Sounds, Launch Buttons, Mute, etc. The newer keyboards have the sliders on them, these are really handy – once you get used to them. While within any document you can make the font lager or smaller with the slider, this really comes in handy.


I love to listen to music why I work, Sirius Radio being my favorite. With the sound buttons (Up, Down, Mute) I can adjust the music level when the phone rings or someone walks up to my desk. I love this. The links allow me to launch my favorite work sites without much hassle J


So, what’s in a good keyboard? Ease of use. Features you had no idea you wanted or would even use. Sound controls J

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