Windows Vista Beta 1, IE 7 Beta 1, Windows Longhorn Server Beta 1…

Ok, I downloaded these from Microsoft last night. You might have heard Longhorn is the Server’s Code name, while Vista is the desktop’s marketing name. Vista is available to everyone with an MSDN subscription, the others are not available (expect to about 5,000 beta testers).


IE 7 = 10 MB

Vista = 2.42 GB

Longhorn = 2.9 GB


Plus a boat load of walkthroughs and white papers and release notes. With my normal traffic, I must have downloaded 7 GB last night, I bet loves me today!


I managed to install Vista in Virtual PC 2004 SP1 with the VPC additions. Only a few minor issues, could have been user errors, time will tell. In the end it’s running nicely. I saved the image and that is as far as I could get to by 3:35 am today. Tonight I will install Longhorn at start using Vista and IE 7 on the Internet (behind 2 firewalls of course). I really want to see the new clustering stuff 🙂

One thought on “Windows Vista Beta 1, IE 7 Beta 1, Windows Longhorn Server Beta 1…

  1. Lucky you – when I try to install Windows Vista on VPC 2004 sp1 I only get "windows is loading files", then a black screen, thats all.

    No DVD access, no HDD access, only 100% cpu usage and a black screen.


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